Grand Theft Auto: when is next release?

gta 6

The blood boiling action game GTA had its latest release GTA V in 2013. Most gamers expected the next release in 2017 because of 4 year interval between IV and V. Even 2018 did not show any leakage from developers. There is a little possibility in releasing GTA VI in 2020 after all GTA versions will have been played by the fans. In the era of PUBG addiction could GTA developers create GTA VI? If possible would VI bring profit? Big questions.

People became more attached to their gaming phones and gaming PCs. Offering GTA VI could provide a diversity in gaming leisure. For example, Tony got tired of winning in PUBG and want another action game where he would get excited as a newbie with so many stages to face. GTA VI could bring complete new excitement. PC and mobile versions would deliver both comfort and mobility.

What cars will GTA VI use?

SUVs, convertibles and military vehicles are most possible to appear. Fans might see new luxury and fastest car brands that could become financial sponsors in developing the game. The main idea of GTA is accomplishing missions by driving nice cars.