Another Opponent To Chinese Phones: Samsung Galaxy M20

samsung galaxy m20

The Galaxy M10 became one of the popular budget android phones in developing countries where people mostly prefer phones that cost around $200. Samsung could take an advantage from this situation and offered Galaxy A, C, J and M lineups with budget oriented price tags. This month Samsung announced Galaxy M20 that is clearly targeting to battle against Chinese cheap but reliable phones from brands like Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi and Blu. For less than $300 the buyers can get decent smartphones that have acceptable quality and performance in budget loving markets.

Good Budget Phone

Galaxy M20 has Samsung’s design so it’s got quality build but isn’t precisely beautiful. Despite its fairly large size it is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. The display looks sharp and vibrant, and is only slightly drenched. Its performance is seriously adequate for everyday use. At mid-quality PUBG can be played without laggings. Thanks to its capable GPU. The dual camera can deliver good pictures only if the light is sufficient. Very good battery with 5000MAh which lasts for two days. And fully charges in 2 hours 15 minutes through wired USB C port. The most attractive part is its fantastic low price $154.