Best Round Brushes For Thick Hair

best round brushes for thick hair

A thick hair may create challenges in designing your look. Therefore, there are special round brushes for that. Today, we take a look at the 10 best round brushes for thick hair.

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10 Best Round Brushes For Thick Hair


    • When brushing your hair with this round barrel hairbrush it helps to equally spread your hair’s natural oils over the entirety of your hair, thus naturally hydrating and nourishing your hair from root to tip.


  • It will stimulate micro-circulation of blood flow for a healthier scalp and faster hair growth. Brushing your hair will help remove impurities & allowing the natural process of sebum production and distribution to function properly which results in healthier, shinier hair

User said: “This brush is great!!!! I have really thick long hair and it has cut down on blow drying time. It leaves my hair shiny and I’ve received several compliments in just the few days I’ve been using it. Best brush I’ve purchased”

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    • Natural copper element speeds up blow drying time


    • Nylon bristles mixed with 100% Boar bristle strip


    • Reduces frizz and adds shine


  • Anti-bacterial

User said: “Bought this item for my Mom. She enjoys using it every day. Pleased with my purchase. Happy customer here. Thanks.”

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    • Retractable section needle (at the bottom) helps pick loose hairs out of the bristles. No hair picks needed. 


    • Human scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for hair. 


    •  Ceramic coating barrel is not only has high-heat resistance, but also has Nano materials functions, like remove bad smell, sterilization, anti-static and lightweight.


    • Advanced one-piece rubber handle, elegant and beautiful texture, effective anti-skid, easy to master, feel comfortable.


  • It can eliminate tangles, protect your hair from damage. 

User said: “I love this brush! I have bought several round brushes to replace one that I lost. I couldn’t seem to find one that didn’t tangle in my fine hair. This one doesn’t tangle and seems to make drying my hair faster.”

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    • Round hair brush with ball tipped nylon bristles.


    • Metal barrel retains heat for faster drying.


    • Nylon ball tip bristles for smooth hair.


    • Non-slip rubber grip for better styling control .


  • Great blow drying brush for medium, long or thick hair.

User said: “Its a good size for my shoulder length hair. it’s the first round brush I’ve ever bought and its awesome. it helps shape my bangs and easily goes through my thick hair without losing any bristles. it doesn’t irritate my scalp like some rougher brushes.”

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Perfehair 1.5 inch

    • Soft and flexible ball tipped nylon bristles .


    • Great for blow dry styling, Right brush for medium ,long, curly hair .


    • Gently massages your scalp, No tangles, Easy to clean .


    • Grabs hair excellent, Light weight and easy to use.


  • Ball tipped bristles spaced for air circulation prevent pulling.

User said: “It’s a solid wooden brush the bristles are perfect I’m actually shocked at how met my expectations were. It’s for short hair works perfect on hair about 2-4 inches in length.”

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    • The ceramic vented thermal barrel allows heated air from your blow dryer to do double duty, drying and styling your hair faster.


    • Get professional results at home! The 3-inch ceramic barrel on Spornette’s Ion Fusion hairbrush heats up quickly to speed up drying time, eliminate frizz, smooth hair and create sleek shiny tresses.


    • Ion charged, anti-static bristles feel great on the scalp, while smoothing dry or frizzy hair. Plus, blowouts are painless thanks to the brush’s crimped bristles that easily grip and style thick hair.


  • The Ion Fusion Aerated Hairbrush has a sleek design with a lightweight cushioned handle. The ribbing on the grip reduces hand and wrist fatigue, even when used for long periods of time.

User said: “Doesnt snag my hair like every other brush Ive ever owned does! I have been searching and searching for a brush that would leave my hair where it is instead of pulling it out, and this one does the trick :)”

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    • Thermal Ceramic + Ionic Hair Brush is a Fast Drying, Cruelty Free Brush That’s Ideal for Blow-Drying, Curling, Styling, and Maintaining Healthy, Shiny, and Voluminous Hair


    • Help Distribute Sebum Oil (Light Yellow, Oily Substance That is Secreted by the Sebaceous Glands) Which Helps Keep the Skin and Hair Moisturized


    • Improves COSMOBELLA Hair Brush’s Effectiveness by Better Handling Thick and Coarse Hair Types Just as Easy as Fine or Soft Hair


    • Hair Brush is Ideal for Women, Men, and Kids With Medium-Long Hair Lengths but is also Suitable for Shorter Hair Lenghts and Can Be Used on Wet or Dry Hair


  • Designed to be Extremely Durable but also Lightweight With a Textured Soft Handle

User said: “This is an amazing brush for my fine hair; It is excellent for adding shine and eliminating frizz, the air flows through the brush easy, the handle is long and comfortable and it is very light weight!”

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    •  Boar Bristle is a natural fibre, and the reaction of hair is better than synthetic one. Boar Bristles good for distribute sebum -which is the oil from the scalp. It’s able to repair dry hair and makes more smoothing & lustrous. When you using a Best Boar Bristle brush to protect your beautiful hair, you’ll noticed that your hair have a obviously change in frizzy and your hair more textured.


    • Nano ionic technology in the barrel and bristles helps reduce frizz and add shine. Cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends. It creates loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles.


  • It features a lightweight, ergonomic design with a textured, one-piece handle to eliminate hair catching and pulling.

User said: I have been searching for a round barrel brush that will help eliminate static and this brush completely fit the bill at a price that was reasonable. The barrel gets hot enough to put bend in my hair but not so hot it burns fingers.

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    • This large round barrel hair brush is ideal not only for brushing your hair. You can use it to blow dry it, curl or straighten it and for any other hair style you love. All you need is a little bit of imagination, a blow dryer and this brush!


  • Treat your hair with nothing but respect when picking your hair brushes and styling products. Its anti-static boar bristles protect your hair from damage. Emitting negative ions, our hair brush glides through your hair in seconds.

User said: “I have straight hair and it helps get those lovely curls. My friend who has curley hair has also used it and it has helped her style it. I mainly use it for volume. It does a great job as it lets the air flow through while using the hair drier. This brush is like bore like hair and plastic stiff bristles, it does not pull the hair when brush thru it and it has a nice grip to it. Highly recommended. I would suggest to use a styling serum if you have difficult or fuzzy hair like I do to help it glide through the styling.

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    • Osensia’s hair dryer brush kills two birds with one stone to give you enviable hair all day long. Innovative ceramic and ion-infused design packs an instant hair boost, speeds up drying time, and comes as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand friendly package to make styling a breeze.


  • The bigger the barrel, the sleeker and straighter the style. So, if you’re looking to create silky, smooth blowouts, our large round brush for blow drying is made for you. The 2.1 inch diameter is ideally sized to give you straight and sexy hair, while the section pin tip means you won’t miss a single strand. You might even be able to get away with skipping the flat iron!

User said: “This brush is absolutely, hands down, the best I ever owned! It’s incredibly light, gives volume and shine to my hair, and cuts drying time in half. My favorite part is the bristles. They dont have those pesky “dipped” tips, as most brushes, yet somehow feel way more pleasant. LOVE it!”

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