Best Printer 2019 For Home and Office – Choose Your Next Printing Machine

best printer 2019 for home and office

For every business and home the printer is essential device to express what was made by a software. If you are in search for the best printer 2019 for home and office this post will help you pick the right printer for your office or home. Let’s dive into top 10 highest rated.

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Best Printer 2019 For Home and Office

Ricoh 407887
Xerox B400DN
Epson WF-7720 [Best Home Printer 2019]
Konica 1390 MF
Kyocera M8130 cidn
HP LaserJet L3U70A
Lexmark 42KT076
HP LaserJet 700 M775Z
Lexmark CX922de [Best Office Printer 2019]

Recent years brought all in one printers with additional but practical features. Copying, faxing, printing and scanning became included inside the modern printers. Not all printers are similar. They differ depending on paper storage, memory, processor, color richness and many more.

Ricoh 407887

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Using a laser technology this color model prints maximum 26 papers in a minute. Its most printing resolutions are 1201×1200 dpi. Ricoh 407887 can store up to 1100 pages. For controlling it has 4.3 inches color touchscreen. Unfortunately, it has a connectivity via ethernet cable. For mobile devices it would be quite hard to connect with this printer.

Xerox B400DN

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The old good Xerox still makes printing and copying machines. One of them is black and white B400DN that has printing power of up to 47 papers in a minute, 5 inches color touchscreen, paper tray, 1200 x 1200 dpi printing resolutions, NFC pairing and optional Wi-Fi. Its main connectivity is based on ethernet port.

Epson WF-7720

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The wireless printer from Epson makes mobile printing possible with modern functions like inkjet printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. All in one WF-7720 has universal connectivity that allows to output from tablets, phablets and smartphones. It is supplied by ink that is more economical than laser. 

Konica 1390 MF

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The laser – monochrome multi functional printer from Konica functions as copier, faxer, scanner, document feeder and printer. It can be connected by wire only. Power consumption is up to 900 watt. 1390 MF has copying power up to 20 papers in a minute with maxximum 1200 x 1200 dpi printing resolution. Perfect for office.


Latest Price

The all in one color printer W1B31A includes functions like printing, copying, faxing and scanning. The specs come with Wi-Fi (for mobile device connection) and USB port connectivity, speed of 65 papers in a minute, 4.3 inches control panel with color multi touchscreen and paper storage. The most compatible for both home and office.

Kyocera M8130 cidn

Latest Price

Mobile all in one printer from Kyocera comes with specs such as max 30 pages in a minute in color, multi color touch screen control panel, laser based technology, built-in Wi-Fi compatible with iOS and Android, up to 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution, 1.5 GB RAM, 500 Sheet Tray, USB port and A3 size printing. Perfect for office.

HP LaserJet L3U70A

Latest Price

Multi function laser printer HP LaserJet L3U70A has duplex automatic printing. However, its connectivity based on ethernet port. For controlling it has a keyboard and display that looks like a tablet. A3 format paper can easily fit. Overall, it is the best all in one printer for wired devices like desktop or laptop.

Lexmark 42KT076

Latest Price

With all in one functions 42KT076 prints up to 55 pages per minute. The user can control it by color multi touchscreen. Connection is done by usb and ethernet ports. Plain paper is mostly encouraged for use. Printing technology based on laser with supply of four different cartridges (black, yellow, cyan and magenta). It has everything but wired connection makes users connection limited.

HP LaserJet 700 M775Z

Latest Price

Wireless multi function HP LaserJet M775Z connects with input devices via HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint. High volume color copying and printing can be done easily with this premium all in one printer. For command and control there is a tablet alike multi touch display. Perfect match for big office with plenty of documentation processes.

Lexmark CX922de

Latest Price

The premium all in one color laser Lexmark CX922de printer has put a heavy effort into printing and copying capacity. Moreover, its features like 10 inches color touchscreen, USB ports, ethernet ports, Quad Core processor with 1.2 GHz clocking, Wi-Fi, compatible with all OS and built in hard disk makes it universal printer that can handle critical high volumes. This model deserves to be one of the best but the price is over $9900.

Wrapping Up

So, not all of them have many differences but quality can play a major role. As a long term focused customer, one should pick the premium model. The higher price the better quality and lifespan. Any of the reviewed printers above deserve to be bought for long term use. Some of them has no wireless connection. But for some of us the connection may not be the main bothering consideration. For personal use at home I would choose those with price tags under $1000 US. As for office I would pick the most expensive for its high premium specs and features.

How to choose the right printer

Putting resources into a printer that runs out exact test proofs guarantees there are no dreadful astonishments when employments fall off the press. We disclose how to pick a model that suits your requirements.

Everybody working in the inventive enterprises – from craftsmen and artists to innovative executives and visual originators – has a remark from purchasing a top of the line printer. (In case you definitely comprehend what you need, you’ll locate the best printers for home somewhere else on the site.)

In principle, at any rate. It comes down to whether you will see an arrival on your speculation – not simply as far as cash spent, but rather time spared and customers fulfilled. This applies to the solitary craftsman telecommuting, the bigger inventive office, and everybody in the middle.

Print innovation, with its endless alternatives and befuddling language, is a burdening field to ace, however it’s an imperative one. Having a printer that runs out precise test proofs is by a long shot the most ideal approach to guarantee there are no dreadful astonishments when work falls off the press.

A decent confirmation additionally helps prevail upon those customers who battle to imagine what the finished venture will resemble. Never again will you need to clarify: “It’ll look much better once’s it has returned from the printers.”

Picking a printer

Basic office and photograph printing, sealing, and creating craftsmanship prints all have diverse prerequisites. While shading laser printing is a famous alternative for general office work, inkjet printers still command the illustrations advertise, with the enormous three producers – HP, Canon and Epson – all offering huge configuration models.

For inkjet imprinting on paper, the primary decision is between color based and shade based inks. In spite of the fact that this has been changing after some time, color based inks are customarily brighter and offer a more extensive scope of hues, while shade based inks are more blur safe. On the off chance that you have to print on texture or metal, you will likewise need to investigate different choices, for example, dissolvable based and latex inks, despite the fact that we won’t talk about them in detail here.

Whichever innovation you pick, the bigger and higher-quality the printer, the better. The bigger the printer, the more extensive the scope of work you will have the capacity to recreate. Bigger printers likewise give you the alternative to deliver craftsmanship prints on canvas to request, and offering these is a decent method to influence the printer to pay for itself.

The higher the print quality, the all the more precisely you will have the capacity to imitate fine subtle elements – and, significantly, hues. Shading propagation is the absolute most critical part of print administration. Verifications must be as precise as could reasonably be expected, and contain the vastest conceivable scope of hues.

This is especially vital for ventures utilizing Pantone or comparable institutionalized shading coordinating frameworks. It isn’t generally conceivable to accomplish flawlessness, as any individual who has had a run-in with a business print shop knows, however a portion of the more current Epson printers accomplish 98 for each penny Pantone shading scope, confirmed by Pantone itself.

Practically speaking, for extremely exact sealing, you will presumably require a 12-ink framework equipped for creating in any event A3 prints: in a perfect world, A2, A1 or bigger. Top of the line printers begin around £500 – less in case you’re willing to attempt a second-hand or renovated show – yet models over the £1,000 check normally give the best esteem.

While this speaks to a huge starting cost, the more you utilize a printer, the better esteem it moves toward becoming. Paper and ink ordinarily wind up less expensive when purchased in volume, so on the off chance that you utilize your printer intensely consistently, it might be less expensive over the long haul to purchase a bigger unit – regardless of whether you never utilize its greatest print estimate.

A few printers presently track the cost of each activity utilizing worked in cost-administration programming so you can compute your ROI, however sensibly, you won’t get a decent gauge of running expenses until you’ve been utilizing the printer for some time. Make a few inquiries. On the off chance that studios or creators like you have a printer they like, discover which display it is and the amount it costs them to run.

At last, make sure to check whether you have space for the printer you’re considering purchasing: models equipped for producing A2 or bigger yield take up a decent lot of room. Check the printer’s measurements with every one of the additional items fitted, including move feeders and plate. Keep in mind that a major printer makes a touch of racket as well, and weighs around 50kg.

Picking ink and paper

Setting up full end-to-end shading profiling – coordinating what you see on your screen to your printer, paper and ink – implies you know precisely what’s in store once again from the print shop. This will spare you time and cash – and ideally, your rational soundness.

When you have picked a printer, the following thing to consider is the paper stock. Paper plays a considerably more vital part than you may might suspect in deciding print quality. With the correct sort of premium papers, even a fundamental printer can create great outcomes. Match them accurately with a top of the line printer and you’re flying.

Producers tailor their paper stock to their printers, so utilizing own-image paper is a straightforward method to ensure great outcomes. In any case, utilizing printer profiles enables you to accomplish similarly great outcomes with paper from various makers – valuable for more inventive tasks for which you require an exceptional stock.

This all relies on great alignment. When you realize what you’re doing, adjusting a printer ought to be not any more difficult than aligning a screen. You can profile yield with a hand colorimeter, or, even better, purchase a model with worked in colorimeter. And in addition disentangling set-up, a printer with worked in adjustment will enhance shading exactness.

Where you keep your printer and your paper is additionally imperative – temperature, weight and mugginess all have an impact in the nature of the final product. Paper ought to be kept some place dry, dull and cool: in a perfect world some place nearby, to spare you running out to purchase all the more part of the way through a task.

At last, you will likewise need to pick inks. Here, staying with your printer producer’s own particular image quite often gives the best outcomes.

Not simply pragmatic, but rather fun

When you have the gear to produce your own particular vast arrangement prints, you’ll think about how you oversaw without it. Overhauling the manner by which you print and verification isn’t just a sound monetary venture yet in addition a great deal of fun.

The innovative enterprises are brimming with extend periods of time spent dealing with things that exist just on screens and in PCs. Printing and sealing rewards your hard unite with a quality item that you can grasp promptly.

Top 10 easy printer maintenance tips

A printer is a fundamental extra to your Mac or PC in your home office. You would prefer not to head out to the library or neighborhood printer just to print a few pages. In any case, keeping up a printer that you don’t utilize oftentimes can be a torment. Exactly when you require printing a page earnestly, you will discover your printer having a fit. Regardless of whether you claim an inkjet or laser printer, these straightforward tips enrolled underneath will enable you to keep up your printer in great working condition.

1. Clean your print head

It is basic to clean your print head at any rate once every month. Expel the cartridge and clean the head with warm water. Try not to utilize wet tissues or liquor to clean the print head. In the wake of cleaning, permit the print go to dry totally before settling it back.

2. Clean the inner parts

You should likewise clean the inner parts of the printer consistently. Try not to hold up until the point when the residue and grime frame layers, keeping your printer from working effectively. Utilize build up free fabrics that are marginally wet to wipe the residue away. While cleaning your printer, never apply excessively constrain regardless of whether you experience resolute corners of grime. Utilize delicate swarms and dampened Q-tips to expel the grime. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize packed air to victory the residue that is aggregated inside the printer. Endeavor to abstain from utilizing a vacuum except if it is a weight controlled vacuum that sucks the residue away delicately.

3. Check in the engine

It isn’t sufficient to simply focus on the toner cartridge. You should lift the hood and check inside for any stuck or broken parts. Most printers have worked in diagnostics to demonstrate if there is any wear and tear. Focusing on these support lights at the ideal time and making restorative move can counteract additionally harm. It is reasonable to supplant a little part as opposed to sit tight for the printer to conk off.

It is additionally a smart thought to put resources into a support pack for your printer. It will help clean the printer fan and other powerless parts that are inclined to amassing residue and leftover ink. While purchasing save parts for your printer, don’t trade off on quality. Supplant exhausted parts with unique parts that match your printer’s model.

4. Pick the correct refill

Refill cartridges are costly and you may be enticed to purchase modest, non specific cartridges from bug markets. Never trade off on the nature of your toner/ink cartridges. Deciding on marked, great quality cartridges are justified regardless of each penny as it keeps up the working state of your printer.

Low quality cartridges will affect the printer equipment. Inkjets of substandard quality will likewise bring about poor printing. You may wind up having smudged or blurred printouts with these minimal effort cartridges. Never waver to purchase the best-in-quality cartridges for your printer.

5. Be watchful when you supplant cartridges

Exercise alert while supplanting your cartridges. It is likely that you will supplant cartridges consistently so you should read the guidelines painstakingly and ace the craft of supplanting cartridges. Be mindful so as not to contact the base of the cartridge while supplanting it, as contacting can ruin the nature of print. Ensure you purchase excellent cartridges that are not all that sensitive to deal with.

6. Supplant cartridges before they become scarce

Try not to hold up till your cartridges run dry totally. Printer programming gives notices when cartridge levels fall underneath typical. Take the signal and supplant your cartridge before they come up short on ink. A dry cartridge prompts undesirable wear and tear on your printer head.

7. Turn it off

Kill your printer on the off chance that you are not going to utilize it for quite a while. Printers produce a ton of warmth while they are on. The print header can become scarce the cartridge while on and this can thusly stop up the header. A printer that is persistently on and not being used can likewise make wear and tear different parts. Consequently, it is best to turn it off when not being used.

8. Install the most recent drivers

A standout amongst the most vital viewpoints that numerous clients overlook is refreshing to the most recent drivers. Staying a la mode by introducing the most recent drivers from the makers will help keep your printer in extraordinary working condition. A portion of these printers additionally demonstrate when another driver is accessible at the producer’s site. Try not to disregard such warnings. Numerous equipment glitches with printers have been followed back to obsolete drivers. Be shrewd and check your producer’s site for refreshes consistently.

9. Keep your printer manual safe

Your printer manuals will come convenient when you experience any glitches along these lines, keep them safe and in a rack that is available. It would be very helpful to allude to your manual when one of the upkeep lights fly up and you do not understand why the light is on. On the off chance that, you have lost your manuals, you can check the online help offered by your makers. Most producers have a comprehensive rundown of generally experienced issues alongside likely arrangements.

10. Utilize your printer frequently

Last however not the minimum, it is important to utilize your printer consistently. Nothing can prevent your cartridge from going away when you don’t utilize your printer consistently. Thus, regardless of whether you don’t have general work to print, it would in any case be a smart thought to print a page or two once in a while to keep your printer healthy.

Leaving your printer immaculate for a considerable length of time together won’t just go away the ink yet in addition stop up the print header causing serious harm. It is prescribed that you complete a full shading print in any event once in 10 days to guarantee your cartridge doesn’t go away.

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