Best 3D Printer 2019 – Top 10 Most Efficient To Pick The Next

best 3d printer 2019

There are plenty of 3D printers ranging from $400 to $1000 depending on size and features. If you own a 3D printing company and this is not your first purchase, then it will be easy for you to differentiate which one is right. However, some of us need 3D printer for hobby or temporary projects that require not really deep knowledge in handling the device. If you are searching for the best 3D printer 2019, this top 10 review post will help you pick the right match for your requirements.

Best 3D Printer 2019

Geeetech Pro W
SainSmart CR-10 Plus
QIDI Technology X-Pro
Anycubic Photon
QIDI Technology X-Smart
HICTOP Creality CR-10
Monoprice Maker Select Plus
Pxmalion CoreI3

For 3D printer building you need a lot of detailed knowledge. Better to buy the pre-built type to save time from learning the 3D printer building course. They are available online and electronic shops. So, the market is saturated as well. I am quite changing the topic. Sorry! Let’s start looking at the top 10 reviews which will help to choose the best 3D printer 2019.

Geeetech Pro W

Latest Price

Having a dimension 45 x 44 x 41 cm with weight 7.56 kg this model has build volume 200 x200x180mm. Runs by Linux, Windows and Mac with a software EasyPrint 3D. Perfect for desktop computer with large space available. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi, SD card slot and USB port. Obviously, reprap physical structure is seen, wear resistant and stainless steel rodz support the overall standing, platform built by borosilicate glass with heatbed and wood plate with 6 mm thickness.

SainSmart CR-10 Plus

Latest Price

SainSmart claims this is the right 3D printer for beginners. Some groups and communities are always eager to help in learning the 3D printer usage. I think it is easier now to learn any device.  CR-10 Plus comes not assembled so you have to spend 10 minutes for install it. The most effective solution from this model comes in the form of resume function. If there is a sudden power failure, CR-10 Plus can resume the unfinished work. It costs about $1000 for its premium specs that promise outstanding experience by printing volume dimension 500*500*500mm.

QIDI Technology X-Pro

Latest Price

With a printing size 8.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inch this compact X-Pro runs by QIDI Print on Windows or Mac. One bad thing is no Wi-Fi inside. However, it has a cooler that extends the lifespan of its motherboard. Dual extruder feature gives tech breakthrough advantages to business, especially. Although, price tag $900 may seem high but benefits worth the high cost. 5 star ratings surely deliver full promise for getting maximum high satisfaction.

Anycubic Photon

Latest Price

Triple sided shield protects from external light which gives more accuracy in printing process. Using special software Anycubic Photon slicer makes 3D printing a reality through USB connection. Printing dimension volume 155mm x 65mm x 115mm creates average sized 3D product. 2K LCD masking screen located underneath to make sure the process is seen first before monitoring the controls. Photon system got Anycubic Photon stand out of the crowd. Additionally, it has off-line printing feature.


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12*12*12.6 inches build volume makes this A5 print different sized and complicated 3D images. It also takes 10 minutes set up by building 2 major parts; frame and Y-axis box. Power failure protection gives a second chance by resuming where the printing was stopped. For controlling, it has 2.8 HD color multi touchscreen which delivers clear picture what is happening to printing. Starred by 3.7 ratings that is not bad for a decent 3D printer grading.Overall, this big and premium model can be used for long as you wish.

QIDI Technology X-Smart

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Just like X-Pro, X-Smart is fully covered version of 3D printer with 3.5 inch touch screen to have a full control. During printing process blackout may happen and X-Smart can save the process to continue later. Qidi Tech software runs this decent 3D printer via Windows or Mac. Anytime, printing plate can be removed with finished result. Very good spec is full metal body that is quite smash resistant. Mid-size printing dimension 165*145*150 mm can be good for anyone who wants to see the fantasized shape.

HICTOP Creality CR-10

Latest Price

Anyone would say “What a fantastic looking 3D printer I see now”. Exactly true. Since it has so simple look just an ancient sewing machine. The body is not enclosed. It can be bad because of wind or external hit. Forthis 3D printer you need a fully enclosed quiet place. So simple to assemble it after unpacking. Takes just about 10 minutes.  Because of open shape, it has a large print dimension 300x300x400mm which can print most of the big 3D projects. Under $500 you can get this amazing device inside U.S with free shipping.

Monoprice Maker Select Plus

Latest Price

One of the easy to assemble 3D printers that can built by 2 major pieces. The largest printing size 200 X 200 X 180 mm makes a big sense for thiis model’s users that bought it for under $500. Printable 3D models are alredy installed inside the micro SD card and smaple PLA filament.  Touchscreen display is located at the bottom like others. Printing alluminium build plate is cooled by fan at the bottom. Not good is only USB drive and USB cable can bring connection, not a wireless feature.


Latest Price

Wow, this machine can even built Frankenstein because of 220 x 220 x 240mm printing dimension. It is completely open with OLED touch screen on top. Multiple filament also can be supported with single installment. Its frame metal made from acrylic plate. Four applicable materials like wood, pva, pp and abs might help you in building your project. Three OS (Windows, Linux and Mac) can support it. 

Pxmalion CoreI3

Latest Price

Last but not least, Corel3 has a filament run-out detection feature which is great for future preparation. Got a simple look but performs complicated tasks.  LCS touch screen is connected by wire which is not even covered. Seems very messy but some of us like to see things separate. Perfect for non-mobile people who always use desktops for working at home. Maximum printing size matters a lot and it has 220L x 220W x 220Hmm dimension for printing. It is huge too.

Wrapping Up

All the top 10 mentioned 3D printers work in efficient and amazing way to just satisfy project builders. However, I pick the one with Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections. Because I don’t like wires. Come on! We should get rid off the wires. Wireless tech becomes available anywhere.

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Buying Guide

Anyway 3D printing is as yet a field in which it’s new to a great many people. It’s additionally a field that is quickly developing. Along these lines the hardest part for me to compose is “which 3d printer to pick” in light of the fact that when you likely read this, there will be other new alternatives to consider. So as opposed to disclosing to you what to choose, I will share my point of view and a couple of things to remember.

Before I get into this, a little around 3D printers. There are many, numerous choices. Likely there are a larger number of choices to obtaining 3D printers than there are distinctive kinds of autos. Not at all like autos where you realize that what you purchase will, if nothing else, drive not far off… 3D printers are everywhere. Numerous you need to collect to a limited extent or in entirety. They additionally don’t all keep running on gas (in our auto similarity), some are better for specific kinds of material (fiber) printing than others. Luckily simply like autos you can purchase everything from that shabby Chinese knock-off, to the Lamborghini Reventon.

What amount of money would you like to spend?

This will be the single greatest factor regarding choosing what sort of 3D printer you get, what amount would you like to pay for it. You can discover sensible 3D printers in a half-gathered state from as meager as $200. On the best end, well anything is possible. Anyway for somebody who’s perusing this (and clearly isn’t a 3D printing master), set your best end at close to $1000 (That’s as yet one serious parcel of printer). Except if you’re on a strict spending plan, it’s likewise great to permit some flex, in some cases a smidgen of cash can go far to a more pleasant printer.

What would you like to print with?

Not very far in the past there were just a couple of normal alternatives for 3D Printer fiber (which I like to call “Printer Juice”). The two noteworthy choices were PLA and ABS. PLA is another way to say “Polylactic corrosive” and is fundamentally produced using corn (and other bio-materials), above all it is the absolute most regular kind of fiber you’ll discover (and shabby too at ~$20 for a 1 KG spool on Amazon). The second most normal fiber is ABS plastic which is somewhat more difficult to print with, yet its that stuff Legos are made out of… so you know it’ll be solid.

So is that every one of the alternatives? LOL No. There are 30 or so sorts of Filament that you can without much of a stretch purchase today. Luckily a considerable measure of the choices are easier than you’d expect, for example, wood, electrically conductive and gleam oblivious. Those (and some others) have a tendency to be PLA (or some of the time ABS) blended with different treats, so they print for the most part like how PLA prints. Anyway you can get out there into the place that is known for wax, carbon fiber and PETG. The more distant far from PLA/ABS you get, the more probable it will require both aptitude and particular equipment (otherwise known as $$$).

Dimension does make a difference

The size you administer to 3D printers is regularly alluded to as “print territory”. This is precisely what it sounds like, the volume of room a printer can really print in. On the off chance that you anticipate printing little knickknacks or models, at that point having a major print zone doesn’t benefit you in any way. On the off chance that you need to have the capacity to printer bigger things in a solitary employment, you require more volume. A genuinely normal print zone is ~200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm (or around 8″ on a side). Obviously the greater the print region, the greater the printer should be. So consider what you need to print and make a few guesstimates with respect to what estimate they may be. Your normal shot glass is 50 mm distance across, espresso mug is 100 mm width, water bottle are 250 mm tall. Would you like to print these things? Or then again perhaps a liner for them? You get the thought.

I figured little would be alright, however wound up settling on a printer that upheld 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm. There are certainly models on Thingiverse I can’t print since I don’t have a HUGE print volume, however those are rare. Most enormous things can likewise be cut into numerous pieces (or downsized, depending).


Much like your standard printer DPI, a 3D printer can print in factor levels of determination. Obviously simply like a customary printer, the higher the determination, the slower the print. What determination you require returns to what you need out of the printer/Are you printing minor puppets or other diletantish pieces? You most likely need a superior determination (so the print lines are less observable). On the off chance that you are printing greater items/tests/arduino venture boxes, you likely couldn’t care less about the determination. Normally 100 microns (or 0.1 mm) is the place most printers will maximize at. Some like the Ono3d will get as low as 42 micron (0.042 mm) and the Monoprice Ultimate 3D Printer can complete 20 microns (0.02 mm).

Print Speed

The familiar aphorism goes “Do you need it great, quick, or modest? Pick any two”. That is the same for 3D printers. The speed of a printer is perhaps a standout amongst the most factor numbers crosswise over various models and presumably the slightest imperative for a great many people. In any case, this goes back to what you anticipate printing. Is it accurate to say that you will print out handfuls (or hundreds) of model parts for a venture? You may need something that can release prints as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. Is it accurate to say that you are an ordinary individual who simply needs to press the print catch and have something inevitably? At that point it most likely doesn’t make a difference. Likewise remember that as the maxim goes, on the off chance that you need better quality prints you’ll have to lessen the print speed (or pay for an extremely pleasant printer).

How boisterous is it?

This is extremely irritating to settle on in light of the fact that makers by and large don’t distribute commotion level. You’ll need to peruse audits on the web and watch youtube recordings about the models you’re occupied with to discover the amount of a racket they might make. Remember this issues significantly more in view of where you anticipate putting the printer. On the off chance that you have a carport or workshop space, who cares if the printer is “uproarious”. In the event that you live some place with less space, at that point maybe a calmer printer will have a major effect to you.

This was really what helped me settle on two models. I’m in an open space/condo in LA. Anyplace I have the printer will be capable of being heard in whatever is left of the loft, so calmer was a key to not having my life partner execute me.

Assemble it yourself?

Most things we purchase today as shoppers are prebuilt. You don’t manufacture your cellphone, you don’t fabricate your laser printer, you don’t construct your auto. There are numerous 3D printer choices that are the same. They are prepared to leave the container, completely aligned and will put out incredible prints. Obviously you pay for that “full usefulness”. Numerous 3D printers come half-gathered and similarly the same number of come as an accumulation of parts for get together. In case you’re the sort who cherishes to fabricate and tinker (which is likely why you need to 3D print in any case), at that point you can securely purchase nearly anything. Anyway the more “pack” you get, the more you ought to anticipate that completing work required will get great prints. The more like a completed item you purchase, the more probable you are to get a decent print appropriate out of the door. On the other side, in case you’re a craftsmanship individual who needs to 3D print your models, purchase as near pre-collected as would be prudent.

My case? While I want to tinker and construct I didn’t realize what I needed or what a “decent” print is. I wound up purchasing a model that came in 3 pieces and just required 6 screws to wrap up. Not extremely energizing for a developer (and I do love my Legos) yet there is bounty for me to overhaul (mods) sometime later.

Is there a network?

Except if you purchase from one of the enormous names in the 3D Printing space (and spend a considerable measure) like Prusa3D or MakerBot, 99% of your help will originate from the web (otherwise known as “The Community”). On the off chance that you have no clue what you’re doing with a 3D printer, purchase a typical model. Search for notices on reddit, or particular subreddits. Search for destinations that contain heaps of data about your particular model. Everything without exception particularly identified with what you need. Why? Since when things turn out badly, you’ll need a place to make inquiries where the individual noting it likely has (or had) your correct printer. Obviously a larger part of the printing issues have nonexclusive fixes, yet in some cases those bland fixes can require particular learning. For instance PLA prints much better in the event that it cooled legitimately. Anybody on any discussion may have the capacity to take a gander at photographs of your print and disclose to you that your cooling isn’t sufficient, anyway just on those more typical models will you discover individuals who can guide you to particular fixes.

Copies? Private Labels?

In 3D printers, there are a couple of top of the line mark names which most everybody clones. There are likewise some not-as-costly brands doing their own thing which happen to function admirably. That being said there are many “clones” which work fine and dandy – yet you will need to complete a considerable measure of perusing about every particular one. For instance the Prusa I3 is one of those top of the line names that is cloned a TON. Wanhao puts out the Duplicator I3 which, obviously, is a clone of the Prusa. Anyway it is a decent clone with general great surveys. Goodness, likewise, it offers as the Monoprice Maker Select in the event that it wasn’t sufficiently confounding as seems to be. Luckily the rebrands are a generally good thing since it implies the network for your printer may be greater than you might suspect (you’ll simply need to look somewhat harder)

Without listening to numerous advisers for 3D printers, I faltered my way through the above inquiries. Initially I was focusing on the $200 value run which by arbitrary chance landed me on the Monoprice Select Mini. While it had great surveys, it was sadly sold out. Additionally amid my examination I saw some correlation remarks to its greater cousin, the Monoprice Maker Select. The Maker Select additionally had great audits however was noted to be a reasonable piece calmer than the Select Mini, which was a central point for me. Truly I didn’t take a gander at the determination nor the print speed in light of the fact that those implied almost no to me. I additionally took a gander at the Maker Select Plus yet was put off by the $399 sticker price which was essentially more than I had initially arranged. So I wound up with the Maker Select at $299 on Amazon (at the season of my buy).

The vast majority who take to 3D printing appear to gather a couple of the units; be it for more capacities, fun, throughput or claim to fame highlights. So perhaps the principal printer you purchase (like mine) won’t print outlandish materials or have a double fiber extruder, yet it’s getting you into the diversion. Once you are very brave on time, you’ll discover significantly more about where you need to go and how you ought to contribute future dollars. So purchase something with great surveys and don’t think twice about it.