Best Pizza Cutter Review in 2018: Top 5 Cutters

Best Pizza Cutter Review in 2018: Top 5 Cutters

I’ve been looking for the best pizza cutter since I started to be passionate about pizzas. To experience a nice taste and divide proportionally into, may be, two, three, four or five, we need the best cutter. Everyone says we can use a knife for cutting but sauce, cheese, gravy or mayonnaise of the pizza will be hanging and dropping over any surface. Even ordinary pizza cutter bought from local store can make such “disaster”. Additional advantage of pizza cutter is its low price, the most expensive cannot even reach 100 dollars. So, get an authentic and best pizza cutter 2018 review through out this article. I have an experience with various pizza cutter brands. Now I use the five best pizza cutters to eat my delicious ever pizzas ordered and even cooked at my home. Let us go through them quickly:

Pizza Cutter Name Image Price
SoHo Kitchen
Checkered Chef

Top 5 Best Pizza Cutters

#5 Orblue


Ruler and axe alike cutter with “one hand rubber grip”. It reminds me of my school years, when I often used a ruler during geometry and geography classes. The size is six inches. Mainly purposed for cutting and chopping pizza dough. Only useful for cooking process of the pizza. Not sharp as knife, well it is anti-traumatic. Furthermore, this cutter is made of stainless steel, so it can last long.  For making tasty and nicely cut pizza you should consider to use Orblue pizza dough cutter.

#4 Mozzbi


So funny look it has. The grip looks like a safety helmet. For the first time I was scared of touching the edge, looked very sharp but after using, I became confident with its protective design. Moreover, I can cut pizzas quickly and smoothly without any difficulty. It’s smooth rolling stainless steel blades gave such a comfort that I start to have a desire to cut all the pizzas in the world. For big sized pizzas I really recommend this wonderful product made by Mozzbi.

#3 SoHo Kitchen

Creatively designed and dedicated for cycling lovers. Double cutting blades with featured design of real bicycle wheels. Not really compulsory to use both wheels for cutting, one blade is enough to divide any kind of pizzas. I have noticed only one weakness of this cutter; the grip should be improved because fingers might be injured quickly. However, the design is much creative that made me buy SoHo Kitchen from the first sight. I love it.

#2 Checkered Chef


Ever lasting, powerful and fully stainless steel made pizza cutter. I expect it can last for centuries and used by my grandchildren. Its simply designed fantastic grip will never be broken even if you drop from 25th floor of the building. It has a size of 9 cm that can cut pizzas by one vertical push. Strongly recommend this Checkered Chef promising product.

#1 OXO


I give highest marks for its grip and small wheel blades. It can be used for cutting any pizza without additional strength of my hand. Just push and slide. That is it. The size is obviously small and can be fit in any kitchen shelf, case or bag. Large and soft handy grip makes cutting so comfortable. Additionally, it has got large enough blade to cut thick pizzas. I just roll and roll when my friends and I order a lot of pizzas. I say to them “I am the one who will be cutting, don’t disturb me”. Ha-ha. Amazing cutter by OXO can satisfy by hundred percent, I strongly believe.



To sum up, we should use any sort of pizza cutters to become experienced with variety of them. This will give us more knowledge about kitchen utensils.  My family and I tested all of the described cutters above. We use them not for only pizza cutting but also for slicing hard fruits, vegetables, butter, cakes and bread.  I assure you they will serve you at their best quality.


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