Where to buy The Best Fish Finder in 2018: Reviewing Top 10 Fish Finders

Where to buy The Best Fish Finder in 2018: Reviewing Top 10 Fish Finders

Without a fishfinder there is no valid reason for going to catch fish except releasing stress during vacation. Who agrees with me? Probably, most of you! I have been doing some research about fishfinders and came across many solid devices that can really make your fishing full of fishes. Let’s see the table first;

Fish Finder NameTransducerGPSPrice
The Lucky FFW-718NoNo
Venterior VT-FF001YesNo
Lowrance Hook-3XNoNo
Garmin Striker 7SVYesNo
Hawkeye FT1P Fish TraxNoNo
Raymarine Dragonfly 4 ProNoYes
Deeper Smart SONAR Pro+ NoYes
Hummingbird Helix 5 SINoYes
Garmin Striker 4NoYes
Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3YesYes

#10 The Lucky FFW-718
Its compact, comfortable to use and will detect fish and water depth in fresh and salt water environments. Also its built in sensor is designed to shut off automatically when it is out of the water to conserve battery. It comes with LED back-lighting for night time use. However it is difficult to see when wearing sunglasses and it doesn’t work well in choppy waters.


#9 Venterior VT-FF001
Built for versatility fish finder can be fixed to your boat, float in the water, poll mounted or even placed beneath the ice for fish monitoring. It can detect weed, sand and rocks along the sea bed. It shows depth in meter or feet and offers adjustable sensetivity. But its receiver isn’t water resistant.


#8 Lowrance Hook-3X
This fish finder has the clearest on screen image on a below 100$ device. It can accurately identify fish and has 20 degrees conical coverage range. It offers two sonar frequencies to chose from however it can only be used at speeds below 10 mph. It doesn’t work well in murky water.


#7 Garmin Striker 7SV
It uses a very high frequency SONAR for clearer picture of underwater environment. It features a helpful rewind history feature which can be used to scroll back imagery to identify areas with a lot of fish that may have been missed. It displays boat speed data and comes with a tilt-swivel mount and has a split screen viewing.


#6 Hawkeye FT1P Fish Trax
Low cost hand held model that can read bottoms and identify fish up to 240 feet. It has a handy fish locator alarm so that you don’t have to spend most of your time watching the screen or risk missing a potential catch. It features rock and weed indicator and an easy to navigate interface however its screen is black and white.


#5 Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro
It has an all weather display screen, so it can be taken to the roughest seas. It creates photo like images of the underwater. It can stream its data to a smartphone. It also comes with US lake and coastal maps. It uses down vision and standard SONAR.


#4 Deeper Smart SONAR Pro+
One of the best fish finders in the market which can be used from a boat or cast from shore up to 330 feet away to any area where you want to map the bottom or scan for fish. It also can transmit its data to a smartphone. It’s small enough to fit inside a tackle box and its battery last for six hours. It’s easy to identify onscreen images on this device.


#3 Hummingbird Helix 5 SI
A convenient micro sd card slot is built for storing extra maps and way points. It also features a very bright display making it easy to view in the middle of the day. It sports a 5-inch display which makes it easy to watch the images in great detail. It has a four thousand watt ptp power output, a water temperature alarm and a 180 degrees underwater perspective.


#2 Garmin Striker 4
It’s a good choice for a small boat. It doesn’t take too much space in the instrument panel and still features a full color 3.5-inch display. Its built in GPS makes it easy to mark your favorite locations. It comes in a budget friendly price and promises a simple keypad operation. It comes with a chirp SONAR transducer.


#1 Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3
Featured an icon driven full colored touch screen and a really fast processor. It also comes with wireless connectivity for easy map downloads and an intuitive keypad operation when water conditions get rough. It includes internal GPS antenna. It’s compatible with nmea 2000 devices and support auto-pilot control. Most of the time, this fish finder is used to get much quick results.


At the end, it is your decision which one to select. Sometimes, your budget is tight or you consider a size, or you consider a color. However, these top ten fish finder will get you right results in your lovely hobby.

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