Best Phablet 2019 – Pick The Best From Ten Outstanding Big Smartphones

Best Phablet 2019

Tired of your tablet or smartphone? Then looking for the best phablet 2019? No problem. There are various phablets according to your desired budget and specs.

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Best Phablet 2019

NameScreen Size (inches)Storage (GB)ReviewPrice
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [Editor's Choice]6.4512
LG V40 ThinQ6.464
Huawei P20 Pro6.1128
Moto X5 (Cancelled)5.964
Sony Xperia XZ 25.764
Asus Zenfone Max Pro6.064
HTC Desire 12 Plus6.032
Lenovo K55.732
Nokia 7.15.8464
iPhone XS Max6.5512

We chose 10 amazing phablets from popular brands like Moto, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo and many more. The phablet is a medium between tablet and smartphone so you can enjoy big screen and latest phone features such as dual camera, larger storage, higher RAM, stylus pen and many more. Let’s dive into reviews.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Latest Price

The most powerful Samsung’s flagship phablet comes with improved 4000 mAh battery, larger 6.4 inches AMOLED display, stylus pen, curved design, Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB RAM, 512GB stotage, dual rear camera with 12MP lens, 8MP lens dual front facing camera and dual SIM support. One of the biggest change is the wireless charging by glassy back support. But the price $1250 US is one of the highest among high end phablets.

LG V40 ThinQ

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

After releasing V35 everyone did not expect the coming of V40 just in few month. 6 inch size with POLED display which has resolution ratio 18 : 9. Octa core processor with the latest chipset Snapdragon 845. GPU comes from Adreno 630. Maximum of 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. 16MP selfie camera and 20MP dual rear camera. Speakers are stereo located at the bottom. Dual nano SIM slots allow you to enjoy 2 phone numbers. Battery is reasonably powerful with 3400 mAh. Android P runs this miraculous phablet.

Huawei P20 Pro

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

The Chinese giant electronics manufacturer tends to be a leading producer of phablets in 2019. So P20 Pro is a strong move towards victory. 6.1 inches AMOLED display with 16M colors 1080 x 2240 pixels resolution. GPU model is Mali-G72 MP12 and octa core CPU with chipset comes from Kirin 970. Android Oreo runs this wonderful phablet with 128GB storage and 6GB. 4000 mAh muscular 3 days long life battery if you use it without playing games and watching movies. Price extends from $900 to $1000 depending on RAM and storage.

Moto X5

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

Google owned American legend phone maker Motorola is on the triumph of creating the best budget phablets. Among them I found Moto X5 to be the best budget phablet in 2019. Specs and features are not the latest though. 5.9 inches OLED corning gorilla glass display let the users to experience a decent visual effect. On the OS Android Oreo it runs through octa-core processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. Dual rear 16MP and 12MP lenses provide you a chance to get colorful pics via budget made cameras. Front dual 12MP and 8MP lenses let you have not bad selfies for you social networks.

Sony Xperia XZ 2

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

Japanese Sony is striving hard to maintain its share in flagship big phones market. Xperia XZ 2 has the latest tech inside though. Android Oreo assists users to exploit octa-core processor with Snapdragon 845 chipset, GPU Adreno 630, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. SD card slot remains near dual SIM card slot. LED flash with 19MP rear camera can deliver autofocus feature with face detection spec. Battery is non-removable with power of 3180 mAh. 5.7 inches IPS LCD display has 16M colours with corning gorilla glass protection.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro

Latest Price

This electronics producer has a lot of products to offer. Among its phablets I consider Zenfone Max Pro to be the most reliable now. 5.99 inch IPS LCD display has 16M colors that amazes ones sight experience. Chipset snapdragon 636 is run by Android Oreo with octa-core CPU Kryo 260 and GPU Adreno 509. Up to 400GB SD card can be supported inside slot. Decent rear dual camera 16MP and 8MP lenses won’t let you down in snapping images and videos. Selfie dual camera by 13MP and 5MP lenses with face recognition feature lets you have stunning images and videos. 5000 mAh non-removable battery delivers 3 days long experience without charging. 

HTC Desire 12 Plus

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

Dual SIM support and SD card slots will give you an extra benfit from HTC 12+ phablet. Octa-core processor with SoC Snapdragon 450 and GPU Adreno 506 gives users smooth running of Android Oreo. Dual rear 13MP lense camera with autofocus and flash gives you a clear pic. 8MP selfie camera with flash delivers outstanding pics. Long life 3965 mAh battery will keep you away from chargers. Google after acquiring the HTC tries to improve its flagships as well as phablets.

Lenovo K5

best phablet 2019

Latest Price

Former IBM subsidiary still exists in phablet market but with little share. Although Lenovo lost popularity its smartphones, tabs and phablets are still high quality and the most durable devices in the globe. Newest K5 phablet gets competitive advantages by having IPS LCD 5.7 inches display with multi touch capacity, octa-core CPU with Mediatek MT6750V chipset, GPU Mali-T860MP2, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal expandable storage with SD card slot, Dual rear 13MP and 8MP lenses with LED flash, front selfie 8MP camera, 3000mAh battery and 4G LTE network tech.  

Nokia 7.1

Latest Price

HMD Global owned Nokia headed towards big phones flagship market by offering a phablet Nokia 7.1 that has 5.84 inch FHD+HDR display with less bezels as possible, all metal frame, 2 day long serving battery, dual rear and front cameras, fiinger print button at the back, face ID, headphone jack, stereo speakers, chipset from Snapdragon 636, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and 4G network connection. Run by unique Android One (Pie).

iPhone XS Max

Latest Price

Non android beast is making its boots stand hard on the ground of phablet market. Providing AMOLED 6.5 inch display, iOS 12 running via Apple A12 Bionic chipset, Hexa-core processor, Apple GPU, 4GB RAM, 512GB internal storage, dual rear 12MP lenses, 7MP face detection selfie camera, stereo speakers and non removable 3174 mAh battery. Perfect for reading books and playing heavy loaded games. If you are tired of Android pick this phablet.

Phablet vs Tablet vs Smartphone

The usual answer for difference between them is a screen size. However, there is more than that. For those who want to know basic components I will help you understand.

Gadget exploitation

You should know how frequently you use your own device. If you need only calls, sms and chatting. Perhaps, you will end up using smartphone that fits your pocket. If you are in love watching movies at the bed with someone and the same time you need phone calls and chatting, you most probably need both tablet and smartphone. You may leave your tablet at home and use the phone for basic communication needs. Nevertheless, if you commute for long hours perhaps, you are in dire need of phablet that has size between tablet and smartphone. Remember, most of the phablets are more advanced than smartphones and tablets. They are armed with the latest chipsets from several chip makers like Qualcomm, Apple, Kirin and Intel.


Smartphones and phablets have better specs and features most of the time. How about tablets? They are not in high demand compared to those two in which most people always want new things. Slowly, phablets are becoming most advanced in performance and design. Best examples are Google Pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Again, depends on the size. Some of us do not want extra features and can live with simple phones.


Phablets’ sizes are most often from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. Below 5.5 inches display of the smartphone makes practical by carrying in pockets. More than 7 inches screen size of tablets make us carry by hands or in bags which requires more loaded burden. For phablet lovers I would recommend to have bigger pockets and for tablet fans I suggest to carry in their bags.


Smartphones are still superior in terms of chipset, RAM and storage which make them faster. But phablets are getting their flagships being improved by releasing new models every year. At the same time tablets are not in a hurry in putting in new specs and features because of lower demand in the market.

Operating System

For simplicity lovers iOS platform is the most suitable but it can be found only in Apple’s iPads and iPhones which are so expensive compared to Android based phablets, tablets and smartphones. However, Android is still looking as complicated operating system by having too many functions that most of us do not even need. But It has millions of apps that ease one’s life by solving various issues.

Who will win?

Obviously, phablets are going to satisfy more budgets and needs. They have different pricing options. Only flagship phablets are expensive. Never mind, you won’t need the latest tech all the time while cheaper 2 years back older models are still most powerful in terms of camera, display, storage, RAM, speakers, responsiveness and many more.

How to choose a Phablet

Finding the ideal phablet to handle the greater part of your issues is never a simple accomplishment, particularly in a market where it appears to be something greater and better is constantly appropriate around the bend. In this guide, I will mention 8 of the most vital highlights you ought to consider before picking your next large screen cell phone.

1. Display Size

It’s an easy decision that with regards to picking another phablet, display size and determination are number 1 need. Extra large screen cell phones are most appropriate for individuals who consistently read books, watch films, and browse the web in a hurry.

What’s the perfect phablet screen measure? Ask ten unique individuals and you may find ten distinct solutions yet by and large you need to make progress toward the most screen estimate conceivable without mobility.

Unlike regular cell phones, one gave activity for the most part isn’t a factor while considering screen size in light of the fact that even the smallest phablets are hard to work one gave without openness programming worked in.

2. Screen Resolution and Quality

Just in light of the fact that a display is huge doesn’t mean it’s excellent. Screen resolution and pixel thickness are specs that can be extremely deceptive. Resolutions above full HD are quick turning into the standard on account of late progressions in VR innovation and 4K content coming soon.

Discussing the amount of pixels ends up unimportant unless you know the extent of the screen, which is the reason it’s more significant to discuss PPI, the measure how thickly stuffed the pixels are. A lower PPI implies there is a higher possibility you will have the capacity to see the individual pixels on the screen, a higher esteem implies you will see a smooth, normal looking picture.

A great many people sit around 30″ far from work area screens, while cell phones are for the most part held around 10″ from ones face. “Retina Display” is a promoting term begat by Apple that alludes to a screen with a pixel thickness so high – about 300 PPI – that a man can’t observe the individual pixels at a typical review remove.

Pixel thickness essentially comes down to screen determination versus show estimate. To help place things into point of view, a 7-inch show with a screen determination of 1920×1080 has a PPI of 314. Contrast that with a 6-inch show with a similar determination and you get 367, which will be discernibly more honed and all the more satisfying to the eye.

Expert Tip: You can compute pixel thickness with the accompanying condition: PPI = sqrt(w^2 + h^2)/d. In case you’re not a fanatic of math, there are a lot of PPI adding machines accessible on the web.

Since phablets are normally expansive gadgets, it’s a decent general guideline to never make due with anything not as much as a 1080p full HD display, yet realize that 2K screens are much better. Full HD will spare you some handling power, which will spare battery life, simply remember a few telephones have control sparing abilities that consequently modify the screen determination to crush additional juice out of your battery.

While picking your new phablet, believe your eyes over anything you see on paper. On the off chance that you are keen on utilizing your new phablet for VR, you will in all probability be taking a gander at getting a 4K (2160p) show. With a screen just creeps from your face, any extra pixels have an emotional effect to the nature of the picture and the immersive impact.

3. Sound Quality

As a rule cell phones don’t have front aligned speakers, not to mention evident stereo sound. Nothing kills sight and sound on your phablet speedier than a cruddy, lost sound framework. Huge wonderful showcases should be joined by awesome sounding speakers.

Forward looking stereo speakers put you right amidst the activity when watching recordings or playing diversions. As you may figure, this setup additionally offers the best solid experience when tuning in to music straightforwardly from the gadget.

4. Camera

Regardless of how reduced a simple to use camera may be, numerous individuals would prefer not to bear various gadgets wherever they go. Unless you typically bear some sort of pack or handbag, finding a place to easily stash a camera notwithstanding your cell phone can to some degree a test.

While nobody can contend with the way that DSLRs are the best decision for genuine photography, as the familiar proverb goes: “the best camera is the one you have with you”, making comfort the essential motivation behind why cell phones are beginning to push the committed simple to use out the entryway. Here are a few things to pay special mind to while picking a decent cell phone camera:

Try not to be tricked by megapixels – more megapixels does not mean a superior picture. Megapixels are an estimation of the measure of the picture caught, so the more megapixels there are, the bigger the picture is. Be that as it may, greater isn’t generally better. You can have a 20-megapixel camera, yet that does not mean the sensor can catch clear, sharp pictures at that size. This is the place focal point quality becomes possibly the most important factor.

Realize that littler gaps are better – Lens gap alludes to the span of the opening that enables light to hit the camera sensor. What gets befuddling here is that the lower the opening, the all the more light is permitted into the focal point. This is a vital factor since all the more light means more keen pictures and better execution in low light circumstances. A camera with a lower gap and less megapixels could undoubtedly beat a 20-megapixel camera with a higher gap.

Optical Image adjustment – OIS can be executed in various distinctive ways, yet the objective is the same – diminish the impact that movement has on the sensor’s capacity to catch a picture. This is vital when you’re taking video, moving around while snapping photos, and when you are taking pictures in low light circumstances. This is an incredible component to keep an eye out for while picking a camera yet don’t give it a chance to be a major issue.

Camera Modes and Controls – Knowing how your camera’s distinctive modes function will enable you to have more control over the last look of your shots. Pretty much all cell phones come furnished with presets for simple shooting in different conditions, however genuine picture takers will need a camera that enables you to change ISO, gap, and screen speed autonomously. Some critical camera application highlights to pay special mind to while picking a decent cell phone for photography incorporate matrix lines (for supporting in organization), noiseless mode (to handicap the shade sound), clock, scene, HDR (High powerful range), center and presentation bolt (for fast piece changes without the need to straighten out).

Streak write and arrangement – Generally, the camera streak on cell phones are normally excessively cruel and infrequently supportive. An intense LED streak on the back of your telephone is most appropriate for low light video and finding your way around oblivious. A few telephones include a “selfie streak” that utilization your show as a light source by turning up a splendid white screen to create considerably milder features, like what you could get with a light box.

In conclusion, be patient and hold up until the point that the surveys turn out to get a thought of what the camera is prepared to do and that it is so natural to utilize. Audit creators as a rule transfer photograph tests taken with the camera, simply be careful that numerous commentators decrease the nature of the photographs when transferring to the web.

Keep in mind this when seeing example pictures and attempt to discover answers to the imperative inquiries, similar to how well the camera performs in low light, and how much altering, assuming any, is required to improve them look.

5. Fixed Storage Capacity

What amount of sight and sound would you be able to store locally? Top notch cameras require a considerable measure of room. Expandable memory is scratch since you can without much of a stretch store numerous documents on various cards. Applications can likewise take up a great deal of room, particularly on the off chance that you appreciate gaming and downloading TV and film applications. It’s a smart thought to get a telephone with as much memory as you can manage.

6. Equipment

The majority of that photography and media utilization you will appreciate with your favor camera and extra large screen requires a considerable measure of preparing power. On the off chance that you appreciate gaming, it bodes well to purchase the best equipment you can bear the cost of so as to make your gadget as future confirmation as would be prudent.

7. Battery Life

The critical unit of measure here is mAh (milliamp-hours), which reveals to you how much power the battery can supply after some time.

Clearly more is better however the amount you really require relies upon a couple of components talked about beforehand – like screen determination, camera and sound quality, handling power, and so forth.

While picking a phablet, you can judge a battery by giving careful consideration to the discussion, web, video, and standby time particulars. These are generally communicated in hours and depend on tests gave by the maker. Be incredulous of showcasing ploys and dependably contrast the maker’s numbers with an outsider battery test, if accessible. GSM Arena is a decent place that every now and again distributes battery execution benchmarks.

Another factor to consider is the means by which quick the battery can be charged. Only one out of every odd telephone has a similar battery limit or charging innovation, so clearly a few telephones will squeeze up quicker than others will.

A few producers have distinctive innovation they use for snappy chargers, which utilize voltage controllers to enable batteries to energize substantially quicker. A standout amongst the most widely recognized advancements out there is Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, which can be found in gadgets like the Note 4, the Nexus 6, and the HTC One (M8).

8. Extraordinary Features and Accessories

A few people utilize phablets to deal with their whole lives. Numerous cell phones offer selective highlights while most others can be discovered by means of outsider applications. Working framework, remote charging, biometric sensors, VR and other wearable accessories should all be mulled over before getting your new phablet.

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