Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2019 – Pick One From Ten Best Pleasure Givers

best memory foam mattresses 2019

After a tiring day one needs a deserved and peaceful rest. Major help comes from shower and the mattress which should be quiet and comfortable. If you decided to get new let’s see which mattress may replace your old one this year. Today I am happy to help you in picking the best memory foam mattresses 2019.

10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2019

Sleep Innovations
Leesa [Editor's Choice]
Snuggle Pedic
Perfect Cloud
My Green Mattress

So what is the best memory foam mattress 2019 for keeping your rest quiet? We have chosen top 10 mattresses to pick only one for you to provide a comfy and noiseless rest.

Stress Release

After a full stressy day, the night must be peacefull. For this matter, you should have your lower back, shoulders and hips left in rest. So, I picked up three most suitable options.


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If you are really planning to release your stress I will suggest LUCID mattress. It has 10 inch support layer to provide stability. Memory Foam and Latex provide support and pressure relief. TENCEL blend cover wraps bamboo charcoal memory foam. Body form is supported by open cell technology. For simple settle it comes with convenient box and shipping is included.


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Brand name says “sweetnight”. Can it really provide sweet night? In most possible case, yes. With triple layered foam base you can surely get your rest in peace. Both bottom and top sides do work. Choose which you like. Your moves will be isolated as it gives bouncy but still supportive comfort for all sleeping positions. Localized bounce will never disturb your sleeping partner while you move.

Sleep Innovations

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This brand promises that 14 inches memory foam mattress will be ideal for side sleepers by diving into sounder and deeper sleep. A breezy middle layer foam will craddle your body with soft yet stable looking impressive shape. With proven pressure point relief and personalized alignment will deliver inescapable sleep. For quick shipping and handling this mattress is vacuum packed and comes with 20 year limited warranty which is big chance giving for an extra benefit hunter.

Back Pain Fighters

If you seek best positions for your spine during sleep, you have a chronic back pain caused by too long sitting. For this problem you have to upgrade your bed with new mattress with orthopedic features.


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Although it is made for healing purposes of back pain, it is designed by luxury crafts and makes anyone be king or queen in their peaceful bed. Triple layered foam gives you cooling rest and loose assistance for incredible sleep. Completely made in United States with long year experienced team of mattress makers. The company promises to full refund if you are not satisfied with their product within one nights. Such as amazing strategy for after purchase condition. They also have charity promotion by giving away one mattress to homeless for 10 bought mattresses. I fell in love with this guys. For this good deeds I am choosing this mattress.

Snuggle Pedic

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I found this one more breathable than others. It has no typical holes like others. But gives you much fresh air as possible. I recommend to use it for hot climate conditions. For winter it will give you more cold because of breathing system. Like others it has memory foam to deliver pressure relief. Hypoallergenic and dust resistant. Comes rolled and vacuum packed to deliver with green technology. The company gives 4 month trial period which is great for everyone.


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This long term focused mattress maker creates low cost luxury latex and gel memory foam layers for giving a warranty of 20 years. Breathable with medium isolated holes can make your sleep cool in hot summer and warm in coldest winter. With backpain it delivers you a floating on air, coold and free of pressure feelings. Till 100 nights of sleep you can be sure about returning it if you are disappointed.


After you have no problems with backpain or stress release, will you sacrifice adjustable firmness of the mattress? Of course, no. For this case I chose 4 most suitable mattresses which have firmness after any adjustment.

Perfect Cloud

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Their tested foam brings a real rest to your nervous unrest caused by headache, shoulder pain and neckache. Fully removable knit cover will grant easy cleaning and washing. The adjustable firmness makes anyone be sure about long term durability of this mattress, although it has typical foams. Feeling lighter after a long sleep with heavy body is most often told by fans of the brand. Ten year warranty gives you more assurance for a bright and comfy future.


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Inspired team of professional mattress enthusiasts put huge efforts to make this Casper mattress ideal for adjustable firmness, backpain, cool  and comfort. Four layers of foam including pressure relief foam make your sleep acheless and painless. Foundation layers bring stability to top layers by long lasting durability. Vacuum packed to avoid external damage to product. They give a note saying “72 hours needed to fully expand and for any potential odors to dissipate”.


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If you want a mattress made from natural ingredients thus choose Naturepedic which contains only organic materials. Cotton made cover is quite soft. Mattress is found to be breathable with temperature keeping material specs. Its cover layer seems to be quilted with soft foam. Under cover there is a latex foam which lets air flow through itself. Pressure relief is felt differently for people so when I tested it was ok just like Sweetnight.

My Green Mattress

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This medium-firm mattress topped with 3 inches of 100% of latex under organic cotton quilted cover. The innerspring base with lumbar support built-in provides for excellent support for your back, while the organic latex allows for top plushness. Great for side sleepers and anyone looking for a comfortable, restorative sleep. Natural Eco Wool is a natural flame barrier. There are no synthetic foam added into the mattress. It makes it a strong alternative to the Naturepedic.


Online retailers still have budget matresses which provide low quality. That becomes alright when you need to save money on your rest. However, your rest affects your productivity. Spending efficient funds on your sleeping place will deliver quick results in just a week. So, considering above mattresses to buy from e-retailers is going to provide the best results to your whole night rest. Below you may consider reading the narrowly focused topics about buying the mattress in 2019.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam is not in all mattresses. You should look for it carefully by considering its organic cloth. The memory foam is made by synthetics too. Therefore, adding natural cloth made from cotton is a must. We recommend Sleep Innovations because of its 14 inches multiple layer foams. For deep sleeping you need the thick mattress with breathable cloth. We could also recommend Casper for its four layer memory foam but thickness can’t be satisfying.

Best Firm Mattress

One may think that all the mattrasses are firm and never get bent. Today we recommend adjustable firm mattresses such as My Green MattressNaturepedicCasper and Perfect Cloud. They all claim to be firm but we always pick one.

My Green Mattress is an average firm mattress that contains three layer coil innerspring foundation, covered with organic three inches cotton. It is 100% eco wool mattress without synthetic foam.

Naturepedic is a certified organic too without chemical flame retardants. Made of organic cotton and wool. However, it is less firm among others

Casper delivers softness while staying firm. Made from synthetic cover and memory foam to support firmness. It is one of the budget options if you think organic mattresses are expensive.

Perfect Cloud is gel injected memory foam mattress with hybrid version. If kids jump on the mattress you may not stop them because of its strong firmness.

Mattress Buying Guide

By having a journey to Mattress Firm, you found out that you have more alternatives than ever before. Special shops are not really anymore the destinations for mattress finding. Decent mattresses for reasonable costs are available in storage clubs and e-retailers. The battle to win the customer is getting stronger day by day.

Queen size mattresses are always in high demand. For the reference, other normal sizes are twin, 38×75 inches; full or  double, 53×75; California king, 72×84; king, 76×80 inches

Types comparison

When you see veritety of mattresses offered on e-retailers, you become in stress on which one to pick while they offer from very low to cloud reaching prices. However, we have good news; our buying guide directly shows you which to pick with spending near $1000 for firm and comfy mattress. There are three main types:

Memory foam

It is the dearest for those who have joint and back pain. Major brands use polyurethane for foam layers but there are others who use latex. Several mattresses might have both materials. The memory foam becomes soft when one lies on it and molds according to your body and when he wakes up it restores initial shape. There are some which need an effort to change the shape.


More than 2/3 of mattresses are sold as innerspring mattresses. They include traditional steel coils in different shapes. Sometimes, hybrid mattresses have both memory and coils. One drawback is found in this kind mattresses; when you move you partner may feel bouncing and sound coming from coils.

Adjustable Air

One can control the air inside the mattress by electric pump to the needed firmness. This type also includes foam inside on top of air supported layer. Some mattresses can adjust to individual side of each laying partner. At night we do not recommend adjusting because the electric pump creates noise.

How to pick new mattress

You should consider many factors while shopping for new mattress and comparing prices and brands. Here the factors;

Dimension: Majority mattresses have six standard sizes: King, California King, Queen, Full/Double, Twin XL and Twin. Some have extra sizes like Full XL or Short Queen. There are also split versions of King, California King and Queen that have two same size mattress for separating or pushing together.

Depth: Normal mattresses have thickness measure from at least 10 inches and maximum 15. Lighter ones may prefer shorter units while heavy ones may get thicker with 15 inches. Comfort comes with depth too.

Longevity: most experts claim any quality mattress has 7 years of life. It all depends on the material it is made from. The normal memory foam types have seven years of lifespan, while latex and air matresses have longer durability, and hybrids and innersprings have shorter than seven years longevity.

Adjusting performance: Some mattresses have little or no adjusting ability to the sleepers body, while others offer close conformity when sleepers body creates a mold on the mattress. Memory foam or latex mattresses perform better when conformity comes first. Conform level depends on how thick is mattress’ foam or latex layer and topping material.

Firmness: two factors are often tell how firm is the mattress. They are sleep position and sleep weight. Side sleeping lovers desire softer mattresses. Back and stomach sleepers need harder or medium soft mattresses. Lighter sleepers prefer softer mattresses to get more softness from the bed. In contrast, heavier people might prefer firmer units.

Flatness: while discussing about support of the mattress we refer to it ability to provide a flat. Heavier parts of the body do not sink but spine and pelvis are sunk on the surface. Meaning top layers must be softer. Through lifespan of the mattress, innerspring and hybrid offer the best flat. On the other hand memory foam and latex might lose their flatness through out usage.

Motion isolation: a movement creates a feeling of motion that spreads to other parts of mattress. For couples, it might create sleep disturbance while both move while sleeping. Softer mattresses with flexible layers minimize the motion transfer to other partner. It reduces the risk of sleep interrutions during night time.

Temperature neutrality: a lot of individuals sleep hot despite the cool room temperature, however, some mattresses mop the heat and isolate body heat. This may disturb the sleep. Foam and latex mattresses have less air flow coming in and out. On the other hand, hybrid and innerspring mattresses absorb the body heat and let it go out. Air circulation happens most often in that kind of beds.

Odor: there is no mattress that does not release any odor after it is recently bought. All the mattresses keep odor from off-gas undangerous particles while they are new. The odor can disappear in couple days if the mattress in a well ventilated room. Nevertheless, some mattresses keep very strong odor that keeps smelling for long.

Edge assistance: when people sit on the edge and some sinkage may occur. All the mattresses can go back to their own position. However, more time needed for all-latex and all-foam mattresses to restore the firm shape. On the other hand, cail based innerspring type can terminate sinkage quickly.

Noise: full-foam and latex mattresses may seem very quiet when sleeper moves. In contrast, innerspring, airbed and hybrid deliver quite big noise when sleeper moves. It may disrupt the sleep. Most of the time airbed is the loudest due to its air supporting components.

Weight: all the mattresses tend to be heavy and moving them is very difficult. Nevertheless, the medium weight of latex and hybrid mattresses are one thousand pounds. Memory foam, innerspring and air pumped mattresses are lighter in contrast.

Presently how about we disperse some broad fantasies about bedding execution and obtaining

1. The best sleeping cushions suit everybody. No bedding will be appropriate for each sleeper. Elements like solidness inclination, rest position, and sleeper weight guarantee that everybody encounters beddings in an unexpected way. As opposed to looking for a ‘general’ sleeping cushion, concentrate your hunt on a bed that meets your individual needs and inclinations.

2. Lying on a bedding in a store is the most ideal approach to pick. You’ll require something like 30 back to back evenings to break in many beddings. The manner in which a model feels in a store might be very different than the manner in which it feels multi month subsequent to buying.

3. Coil tally is imperative. While curl checks of 600 to 1,000 are connected to the largest amounts of consumer loyalty, there are more viable approaches to assess innersprings and crossovers — specifically the solace layer materials and thickness, loop compose, and curl measure.

4. Gel froths rest cooler than standard froths. Gel-injected polyfoam and flexible foam layers may rest to some degree cooler, yet generally speaking gel dots and twirls minimally affect the temperature nonpartisanship of a bedding.

5. People with back torment require beddings with lumbar help. Like loop tally and gel froth, ‘lumbar help’ is a typical advertising ploy in sleeping cushion deals. Beds might be promoted with lumbar help, however these models don’t have higher fulfillment evaluations among sleepers with back agony; sometimes, the appraisals are more awful than those for beds without lumbar help.

6. The mark says ‘half breed,’ so it must be a mixture. As we’ve built up, a genuine half breed includes somewhere around two inches (2″) of flexible foam/latex in the solace layer and a stashed loop bolster center. Numerous sleeping cushions are marked as half and halves despite the fact that they don’t meet this criteria. Precedents incorporate ‘springless mixtures,’ which include a blend of froth and latex, and innersprings with adaptable foam comfort layers and non-took loops. Trial sleeping pad plans are frequently named cross breeds, also.

7. A sleeping cushion with a more drawn out guarantee must have a more extended life expectancy. While a bedding guarantee may expand 20 years or more, don’t be tricked into speculation a lengthier guarantee likens to better sturdiness. The normal sleeping pad should be supplanted at regular intervals, paying little heed to its guarantee.

8. You need another case spring. Numerous sleeping pad venders offer box spring packs, which enable clients to buy the two things at a marked down rate, and some will infer that just their case spring is reasonable for the bedding. In any case, any container spring fit as a fiddle or better will get the job done — except if you are changing to an alternate sleeping cushion compose; for instance, an airbed requires an unexpected establishment in comparison to an innerspring.

9. Mattresses made of latex keep going forever. Latex sleeping cushions have a normal life expectancy of eight and a half years, the longest among all bedding composes. Be that as it may, they are as yet vulnerable to indistinguishable wear and tear from different sleeping pads and will in the long run break down.

10. More costly sleeping cushions are better. Never accept a sleeping pad that costs a huge number of dollars is of higher quality than one that costs a couple of hundred. Watch out for value point midpoints for various sleeping cushion composes and settle on an acquiring choice dependent on your individual spending plan.

In conclusion, how about we recap the majority of the essential contemplations we’ve shrouded in this guide. While picking another sleeping cushion, make sure to consider the accompanying inquiries:

• Is your sleeping cushion over seven years of age? Provided that this is true, it might be expected for a substitution.

• Do you thrash around because of distress or wake up with hurts and pains? This might be expected to a more seasoned, hanging bedding.

• Does your bedding have profound drooping or spaces in its rest surface?Sagging and spaces further than one inch (1″) tend to trade off help and cause distress to the best degree.

• Have you picked up or lost a lot of weight since purchasing your last sleeping pad? Your present weight may make the bedding feel in an unexpected way.

• What kind of bedding would you like to purchase? The five most normal sleeping pad composes are froth, latex, innerspring, half breed, and airbed models.

• What is the normal life expectancy of the sleeping cushion type(s) you incline toward? Normal life expectancy ranges from five and a half years (innerspring) to eight and a half years (latex), however the normal sleeping cushion should be supplanted like clockwork.

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e answer. Today I am eager to help you in picking the best mattress 2019 out of the 10 best relaxation givers.