Best Dash Cams 2021 – Video Footage Is Better Than 10 Witnesses

Best Dual Dash Cam 2019

The dash cam becomes as important as the car tire. It arms you have an evidence for insurance, crimes, accidents, breaking rules and many more. If you are looking for the best dual dash cam 2021 this review post will help you to pick the right one from top 10 highest rated.

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Best Dual and Ordinary Dash Cams 2021

Inavy OEM Black Master 2KDual
SkyGenius G56aOrdinary
Falcon Zero TOUCH HDOrdinary
Blackvue DR900S-2CH [Best Dual Dash Cam 2019]Dual
Thinkware F800Dual
LG Innotek BBDB-FF02E Dual
LG Innotek D521Dual
Cansonic UltraDuo Z2Dual (Fixed)

Not all dash cams are the same. They are different by having their own pros and cons. You need to consider important specs and features like video resolution, storage capacity, night vision, auto on/off, loop recording, impact sensor, front and back camera, and built-in mount. Let us see which is the best for 2019.

Inavy OEM Black Master 2K

3.5 inch Type Full Touch LCD,

Front 2040X1080 2K / rear 1280X720 HD, 

Night vision / Time-lapse / Format-free technology

Latest Price

The premium model from Inavy OEM includes everything like 64GB memory storage, night vision, front and rear cameras, full touch LCD, time lapse, format free technology, warning system, front vehicle departure alert, safe driving assistant and braking activity log. You will be well equipped by this evidence maker.

SkyGenius G56a

2 inch LCD, 

Night vision / Time-lapse, 

Built-in gravity sensor

Latest Price

One of the premium dash cams SkyGenius G56a comes with motion detection, parking monitor, GPS, photo shooter, Ambar Ella A7LA50 processor, loop recording and dual cameras. The maker did not create internal storage but 64GB TF card can help you store. 

Falcon Zero TOUCH HD

4 inch touch screen,

GPS Module, 

32GB micro-SD Card with Adapter

Latest Price

Geo targeting feature with GPS makes this model stand out of the crowd. Its premium specs like 6-element spherical glass lens, wide dynamic range, 3.0MP sensor, touch screen, usb car charger, SD card slot for 64GB, micro-USB power port and full HD 1080P camera. You can easily mount and unmount it using bracket mount. Perfect for crowded places to observe what is going on around.

Blackvue DR900S-2CH – Best Dual Dash Cam 2019

1.3 inch 4K UHD Screen, 

Front cam: 8 megapixels sensor / 4K Ultra High Definition, 

Rear cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS™ sensor / Full HD

U3 microSD Card (64GB, 128GB)

Latest Price

Looks great like a scope. Having front and rear cameras with 8MP and 2.1MP relatively, the DR900S-2CH has double channel recording with specs like 4K UHD and Full HD. Wi-Fi is built-in with sensor and GPS. It is especially built for hottest climates where the sun burns the soil. The strong reason why it is the best dual dash cam is its premium quality specs based on bold stability.

Thinkware F800

1080p front and rear recording
Built in WiFi for reviewing footage and settings
Built in GPS
Red light/Speed camera alerts
Super Night Vision 2.0
128GB SD Card Support

Latest Price

With small rear camera and big front camera with display F800 has all essential specs like night vision, GPS, Wi-Fi, 64GB SD card, 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH cameras,  time laps, safety alert, format free 2.0, Windows/Mac viewer and mobile app compatible with Android and iOS. This is one of the ‘must buy’ dash cams I have ever seen.

LG Innotek BBDB-FF02E

Front/Rear 1920×1080 High-Res Cameras,

32GB, 3G G-Sensor,


Latest Price

LG’s dash cam Innotek BBDB FF02E is dual camera featured too. Front camera is attached to main board with display. But small rear camera is alone with holder. It has a parking mode that snaps incidents happen on parking lot. Micro 32GB SD card comes inside of the dash cam but it would be better if the dash cam has no internal storage. 2 channel Full HD resolution helps you to snap any movement while driving.  One weakness is LG could not develop an app for this model.


1080P – 1920×1080 (30 fps), 

External: MicroSDHC Card C10(Up to 128GB),

Built-in microphone and speaker, 

WIFI Playback via Smartphone App

Latest Price

The dual dash cam without display, RC500S has other important specs like Sony Exmor sensor, night vision, dual channel recording, GPS, built in Wi-Fi, 16GB memory card inside,  supports up to 128GB SD card, security alert and CPL filter for minimizing windshield reflection. Only absence of display makes it weak but some people prefer screen-less dash cams.

LG Innotek D521

4.6″ Front x 1.3″ Rear

2 Channel Full HD


2.0 Mp/1.0 Mp

Latest Price

This Innotek model comes without display but dual rear and front camera backed. It is also 2 channel recording dash cam with specs like 1080P front and 720P rear camera, biult-in Wi-Fi, WLAN, Apps support, format free, parking mode (when you are away) and 32GB SD card. Perfect for cylinder style lovers.


9.88” Full Touch Screen, 

Dual Lens with 1296P Front and 720P, 

Super Night Vision Stream

Latest Price

Dual channel recording dash cam with cameras attached to mirror alike display. This fantasy rich designed dash cam includes full touch screen, night vision, GPS, auto brightness, G-sensor and streaming media. Although its price looks higher but its quality worth it.

Cansonic UltraDuo Z2


140 wide viewing angle adjusted 1296P front camera and 720P backup camera, 

GPS tracking system

Latest Price

The dual lense Cansonic UltraDuo Z2 dash camera is attached to display with control panel. This model has everything essential for recording only front and inside of the car. But most of vehicle drivers need rear camera too. Even though its cameras can be rotated by 180 degrees you can’t record what’s happening on the back.

Wrapping Up

Protection by evidence is the most valuable asset in case of criminal, accidental or robbery cases. The dash cam which costs only couple hundreds of dollars can save you from torments of any situation. I personally prefer the dash cam with display to monitor the rear side of my vehicle. It is up to you in picking the right dash cam out of top 10 highest rated that are reviewed above.

how to pick right dash cam

Nowadays, a dashcam is something other than a novel extravagance buy for catching unique film. It can give proof to protection guarantees, and be utilized to distinguish culprits who carry out wrongdoings against you or others. Try not to have one? You ought to completely get one.

Also, don’t simply utilize your cell phone as a dashcam. Introduction to daylight and warmth corrupts battery life and causes long haul harm. Also, it’s smarter to have a committed chronicle gadget so you don’t need to hinder to do different things (e.g. influence a telephone to call).

Continue perusing to perceive how you can get the most incentive for your buck when purchasing a cutting edge dashcam, regardless of what your financial plan is.

Critical Dashcam Specs and Features

All dashcams have upsides and downsides, and it’s difficult to state whether one is superior to another in light of the fact that it relies upon what you require. Here are the most imperative contemplations to make. On the off chance that you need proposals, you’ll see them toward the finish of this article.

Video Resolution (Very Important)

At least, you’ll need HD 720p account. This guarantees film is sufficiently sharp to make out tags, auto makes and models, and faces. HD 1080p and 2K determination dashcams are accessible as well, however the exchange off is bigger video records.

Memory (Very Important)

At least, go for 64GB of capacity. The higher the dashcam’s determination, the more stockpiling limit you’ll have to record a similar measure of film. A hour of 720p film may be 1 to 2GB though a hour of 1080p film may be upwards of 6GB. Keep away from these errors when purchasing microSD cards.

Night Vision (Very Important)

Night vision is significant on the grounds that you never know when a mischance may happen. Headlights, city lights, and road lights can some of the time give enough enlightenment that night vision isn’t important — yet those lights won’t generally be there. Try not to chance it.

Programmed On/Off (Important)

Some dashcams can turn on with the auto motor and kill when the auto motor stop. It’s an unquestionable requirement have include in light of the fact that dashcams are just valuable when they’re on — and as indicated by Murphy’s Law, the one time you neglect to turn it on will be the day you have a mishap. Try not to hazard it.

Camera Size (Important)

All view deterrents are risky when driving an auto, so maintain a strategic distance from expansive dashcams that may square observable pathway. This is basic on the off chance that you have other potential checks, similar to an EZ-Pass transponder or dangling deodorizers. When all is said in done, littler is more secure.

Circle Recording (Important)

At the point when a dashcam’s stockpiling tops off, two things can happen: it quits chronicle, or it circles back and records over the most seasoned film. The previous keeps you from abrogating critical film that you neglected to exchange out, yet can abandon you defenseless on the off chance that it quits account amidst a lengthy drive. Circle recording is less dangerous.

Effect Sensor (Useful)

Some dashcams identify mishaps, at that point naturally spare film beginning from a few minutes previously affect. Some can likewise consequently turn on when an effect is identified, regardless of whether the dashcam was off, which proves to be useful when stopped.

GPS (Optional)

GPS following can “demonstrate” that a mishap happened where you said it happened, in situations where the recording isn’t clear. GPS following can likewise record your paces, which proves to be useful for wrongful speeding tickets. Also, as a parent, GPS logging can be utilized to see where your kids truly went in the night.

Front and Back Camera (Optional)

On the off chance that you need full scope, a forward looking dashcam won’t be sufficient. What happens on the off chance that you get raise finished? A forward looking dashcam can give some proof, yet won’t catch the entire occurrence. Some dashcams come in sets, the second one mounting to the back windshield.

Worked In Mount (Optional)

While most dashcam models accompany a mounting instrument, a couple don’t. These are in all likelihood intended to lay on your dashboard, yet in the event that that doesn’t sit well with you, you can simply snatch a widespread dashcam mount independently.

Utilizing the counsel above, you ought to have the capacity to look for a dashcam all alone and discover one that is more than attractive. In any case, in case you’re feeling lost, or in case you’re short on time and simply need one that is “adequate,” at that point think about one of the accompanying.

Dash Cams Vs. Dash Cam Apps

Dash Cam Vs. Dash Cam App Features

There are a bunch of highlights that a dash cam truly needs with a specific end goal to be extremely helpful, including GPS, a G-sensor, and circled recording. Basically every dash cam utilizes a circled recording technique, and that is extremely the premise of dash cam applications too. You could actually simply set your telephone on the dash and hit record with the heated in camera each time you drive, yet it would top off the memory really quick. What’s more, that is the place circled recording becomes possibly the most important factor.

While both dash cams and dash cam applications are intended to record short video circles and supplant old ones as new ones are recorded, accessible capacity can even now be an issue. This is the reason devoted dash cam equipment has a little edge in this classification. With a dash cam, you ordinarily stick in a miniaturized scale SD card and forget about it until the point when something happens and you have to return and look at some video. With a dash cam application, any space you devote to that application will detract from accessible capacity for different applications, pictures, recordings, music, and whatever else you bear on your telephone.

The other two essential highlights, GPS and G-sensors, are found in many cell phones nowadays. So if your telephone has both of these highlights, and you can discover a dash cam application that exploits them, at that point it’s essentially a wash.

Now, we’re contrasting dash cam applications with mid-valued dash cams that go for in the area of about $100. When you take a gander at top of the line units, you get into different highlights—like numerous camera frameworks—that can’t be coordinated by a dash cam application. However, by then, you’re paying significantly more than you would for a normal dash cam.

Dash Cam Vs. Dash Cam App Convenience

Accommodation won’t not be the correct right word, but rather what we’re discussing here is the way that a dash cam is a devoted gadget that you introduce in your auto once and afterward forget about it until the point that you require it. While dash cams are compact, and you can take them out and bear them—or move one between numerous autos—the entire set-and-overlook thing is one of the greatest offering purposes of getting an equipment dash cam versus a dash cam application or some other dash cam elective.

It doesn’t require a considerable measure of investment to turn on a dash cam application and set your telephone in a support that you have introduced in a suitable area, however it merits contemplating the way that you’ll need to do it every single time you get in or out of your auto. What’s more, 99.99 percent of the time, you’ll be doing it for positively no reason, since you won’t wind up recording anything of note.

That one time you neglect to set up your dash cam application up or choose not to trouble since you’re in a rush, will constantly be the one time where some snap backsides you at a stop light and after that cases it was your blame.

For a few people, that comfort—or the capacity to not need to stress over setting your dash cam up each time you drive—is justified regardless of the cost of getting some kind of equipment dash cam. For other individuals, a $100 sticker price is excessively steep when you can get an average dash cam application for nothing or preferred one for far less over $100.

Using a cell phone as a dash cam – not good

A cell phone is far beyond only a cell phone. You can introduce a wide range of applications to transform the wireless into something totally unique. An application, or application, is a product program that empowers all highlights of your cell phone so you can utilize it as a GPS, gamecomputer, office PC, camcorder, and so on.

That way you can likewise examine to introduce an application to transform your cell phone into a dashcam: a supposed “dashphone”.

In any case, would we be able to just utilize a cell phone as a dashcam, or is this an awful thought?

Inconveniences to utilizing your cell phone as a dashcam

Albeit without a doubt there are applications accessible for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, there are some huge disservices to transform your cell phone into a dashboard camera.

Overheating or bolting up

Abbreviated life expectancy of cell phone and SD-memory card

Inbound call or textmessage and iPhone quits account

Cell phone in holder hinders your view

Cell phone in holder pulls in hoodlums

Low framerates and imperfect survey point of the focal point

Expenses can’t be advocated

How about we experience everything in detail that can turn out badly with your cell phone as dashboard camera.

Overheating/bolting up

Most cell phones are not intended to record 1080p (Full HD) video for broadened timeframes. On the off chance that you choose to utilize your telephone for this reason in any case, at that point after some time, it will unavoidably overheat and bolt up. That will make the camera quit working and accordingly not catch any more video. That implies you forego every one of the favorable circumstances that even the most unassuming of dashcams should regularly offer: assurance constantly.

Abbreviated life expectancy of cell phone and SD-memory card

The overheating and lockups can make changeless harm your equipment inside, in the cell phone. That makes the gadget quit recording or make significantly more defilements that will in the end upset the typical use of your telephone.

Your SD-memory card likewise must be appropriate to compose top notch video constantly at rapid, generally the video quality will be inferiour. On we just offer in any event class 10 SD-memory cards that are intended for rapid read and compose activities.

Inbound call or instant message and iPhone quits chronicle

This causes a basic issue also: at whatever point a phonecall or instant messages comes in, the camera quits chronicle. Comfortable minute it’s imaginable and perilous to get engaged with a mishap. On the off chance that there is no video, there is no onlooker and every one of your endeavors were futile.

Cell phone in holder squares see

Cell phone as dashcam squares viewUsing a cell phone as dashboard camera infers that you snap it into its holder in a position that has a decent view out and about. This implies your cell phone must be set in the observable pathway of the driver, accordingly hindering the view. This prompts perilous circumstances while driving.

Cell phone in holder pulls in cheats

Cell phone as dashboard camera pulls in thievesAs if that wasn’t sufficient, a captivating cell phone dangling around on display draws in the undesirable consideration of hoodlums. Your costly gadget behind the windshield will welcome auto bandits by the dozen. Contrast this and a discrete dashboard camera: regardless of whether somebody spots it, it will be a solid hindrance as opposed to a fascination.

A dashcam without holder/link can’t be exchanged that effectively and doesn’t approach the budgetary return of a stolen cell phone. So to put it plainly, your dashcam is more fitting to use than your cell phone.

Low framerates and problematic survey point

The low framerates are another reason that make a cell phone lacking as a dashcam. As a result of the speed and conditions out and about, your camera always needs to straighten out concentration, acclimate to shine conditions, and the low framerates add to rough video. This outcomes in video that is less than impressive and by and large even futile.

The review point is something else that is sufficiently bad on cell phones. Dashcams are particularly designed to film wide survey edges. That way, the dashcam has a total all encompassing vision of the street. A cell phone has an extremely tight review point, equivalent to the least expensive Chinese phony dashcams. Perfect for making photographs or family recordings, yet disillusioning to film every one of the points of interest at the left and right half of the vehicle. Points of interest that may demonstrate crucially definitive when gone up against with a sideways fender bender.

Add up to cost (cell phone + application versus Dashcam)

The aggregate cost of a cell phone + application can’t be defended, contrasted with the sensible cost of a dashcam. The life expectancy of a dashcam is additionally significantly longer since it works by the standard: “complete one just thing, yet do it well”. A cell phone is costly in light of the fact that it is intended to be an all-rounder, while a dashboard camera is an authority in completing one single errand. Accordingly, the aggregate cost for a dashcam is much lower, however the nature of the finished result is immeasurably prevalent.

A cell phone can’t be disparaged as a ground-breaking answer for the numerous difficulties a cutting edge individual needs to shoulder: you can utilize the gadget for essentially everything to make your life less demanding. All things considered, to play out specific undertakings for a significant lot of time, you’re in an ideal situation with committed gear.

To create a book, you utilize a PC with word preparing programming

To go on a long adventure, you utilize a different GPS

To make proficient photographs, you utilize a photograph camera

To film your auto trip, you utilize a dashcam

To put it plainly, you can utilize a cell phone to play out every one of these errands, however it’s not exceptionally gainful. We can presume that utilizing a cell phone as a dashcam is a terrible thought. The gadget isn’t built to process long accounts. There are a wide range of situations that keep the telephone from shooting: a phone call, instant message or email, overheating, bolting up, and so on. The hazard that your equipment comes up short or gets stolen is additionally genuine.

Decision: get  a dashcam in case you’re searching for the best answer for film your undertakings out and about.

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