10 Best Dark Red Lipsticks

best dark red lipsticks

One may change a taste in colors. Sometimes, trying lipsticks with different colors deliver the greatest results in beauty making. Today, we list 10 best dark red lipsticks.

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10 Best Dark Red Lipsticks


    • Matte moisturizing lasting non-marking.


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out

User said: “Love this product. Flows easy and color beautiful on my lips. I have a hard time finding lip color that covers and this one delivers”

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    • Little sticking on the cup,maintain all-day makeup


    • With moisturizing ingredients like Beeswax, avocado Oil and Vitamin E


  • The rich color and irresistible shine create a glamorous look

User said: “I love this shade”

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Torhine Beauty

    • The bulk lipsticks have 4 different colors for selection, you will have chance to change colors in different occasions.


  • The Lipstick sets with combination of dark purple, light purple, pinkish brown, rose, pink, glossier, red, etc. Dark and light colors together.

User said: “I like this product but it’s very difficult to remove. Which makes it hard to apply because if you miss the mark, you’ll have to rub your face and start again.”

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  • Dark red
  • Only one color

User said: “My personal fav lipstick angel red Clinique. So too many others”

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    • Matt, Luminous, Shimmer


    • Product name: Lip gloss


  • Effect: Silky, Moist, Fadeless

User said: “These colours are AMAZING ♥ Only complaint is that the brownest one isn’t all that brown and I was most excited for it, but I have countless other things to love from this set! ♥”

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    • Its gentle and smooth consistency perfectly complements all skin types and skin tones. A must-have in every girl’s makeup kit


  • The creamy, highly pigmented formula boasts of an instant, smooth matte lip. Its non-drying, easy glide on applicator provides full coverage that stays throughout the day

User said: I love this lipstick. I wore this for a performance, and then I went to bed in my makeup (yes I know that’s bad) and it was still fine the next morning! My second photo is from that morning. The color is bold and the texture isn’t sticky at all.

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    • A velvet semi-matte finish, it wears very natural, luscious and smooth, don’t look shiny or shimmering.


  • With 100% natural plant ingredients,rich in avocado oil, olive oil and vitamin A&E and squalane,effectively moisturizing your lip and combating the signs of aging.

User said: “I got option 6 and though the color was more of a pale peach than I expected and washes out my skin tone, I absolutely love using it for an ombre look to make darker mattes pop and give a completely defferent look. The formula is matte but still feels moisturizing and blends easily. It didn’t need a liner as it doesn’t run and after it dried it still feels smooth and doesn’t transfer easily. I will definitely be trying other colors!”

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Luscious Cosmetics

    • The slant tip casing helps ensure a quick and easy, one swipe application anywhere and anytime.


    • Matte meets hydration in this breakthrough formula infused with organic illipe butter designed for long-lasting wear.


  • Mega-matte finish with no shine.

User said: “Love this lipstick and love this shade. As with any matte lipstick it doesn’t go on effortlessly you do have to push a little as it’s so thick but it works out so well. It stays on forever because it’s thick and doesn’t come off easily when eating or giving a loved one a quick kiss. It also doesn’t get on them! Will definitely be purchasing again when I run out and might even buy the same lipstick in another shade to wear often.”

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Henné Organics

  • Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Avocado Oil, Candelilla Wax, Iron Oxide, Vitamin E combined together in a lush, satiny smooth finish

User said: “I prefer sheer color and a moisturizing lip balm, Henne Organics succeeds in both of these categories. I love that the color is noticeable, but not heavy. I put this is my scrub pocket and apply like a lip balm throughout the day without needing a mirror. Good for someone who wants a little something extra on their lips but doesn’t have time to a flawless application. When I have more time, I use a lip liner and build the color a little more, for more impact. Also, this product is very moisturizing and makes my lips feel great. Someone looking for a very intense color will be disappointed, but work well for my needs.”

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    • Non caking and lightweight formula for superior comfort


    • Formulated with vitamin E and avocado oil to seal in moisture


  • Micro-fine pigments for high impact and long-lasting color

User said: “I love this lipstick. I bought the color Incognito Pink and found it to be just what I was looking for. It adds just a little pink and some shine to make your lips look healthy. I would recommend this color and brand of lipstick. It is a beautiful color and I only had to reapply once all day which was nice too.”

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