Best Boot Knife in 2018 Reviews

Best Boot Knife

Boot knives are useful and easy to carry self-defense tools. They are also great for carrying during adventures. Main advantage of it is that it can be hidden in your boots and can be used in self-defense or outdoor activities. They are sharp and sturdy and they can be used in many outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, hiking and so on.  There are many types of boot knives that are available in Amazon, ranging from different prices and different functions. There is five best boot knife 2018 list that are recommended by many knife experts and reviewers.

Best Boot Knife 2018: Top 5 Most Demanded

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B HRT Boot Knife

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HRT Boot Knife is durable and high quality products. Made by Smith & Wesson which is known for making premium products, this knife is no exception. Unlike other cheap knives that use rubber and plastic for their handle, HRT knife’s handle is constructed out of black aluminum. Blade is double edged and it is 4.7 inches long. It is made out of 440c stainless steel that has been coated in black. Sheath is made of leather and it is securely attaches to your shoes. This knife is very light too which makes it comfortable to carry for long periods of time.


MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Fixed Blade Knife

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MTech USA Xtreme is a serrated boot knife, because of that it can inflict more damage when used for cutting.  The blade is made out of 440c stainless steel but unlike previous knife this one is a silver and black in its color. The handle is made of metal and it features a lanyard hole. This provides better grip during slippery weathers or when the knife is wet. It uses leather for its sheath too which is comfortable for carrying. Overall, this is one of the best boot knives available out there.


Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent Boot Knife

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Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent is a non-serrated boot knife.  Similar to Smith & Wesson, Kershaw knife is made of stainless steel while coating in black oxide. The handle is constructed out of rubber, but this rubber is very sturdy and provides better grip than others. The sheath is molded and it features holes on the sides for attaching straps to the legs for better comfort. It also features normal clip for attaching to your boots. This is strong and large knife with ability to attach to your legs.


Schrade SCHF19

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This is another great boot knife. Similar to previous model, this is made of steel that is coated in black. It is not serrated. The handle is made of plastic with texture and it features lanyard hole. This is a good quality knife and it has many positive reviews by the users on Amazon. This model is reasonable priced too. Black Leather Sheath comes with boot and belt clip. It is 17.7 cm long. Overall, this is a solid boot knife with good quality materials and comfortable leather sheath. It is best for recreational and professional level use


Old Steel 17T Kobun

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Old Steel Kobun  boot knife is soldier knife. Its name ‘kobun’ means ‘soldier’ in Japanese. This knife is made from high quality Japanese stainless steel. It is a dagger style knife. It is shaped as a katana. The Kobun is made in medium length which makes it stylish and flexible. Its textured kraton handle and medium size makes it comfortable to holding it and use. Overall it’s a lightweight knife which is stylish and comfortable. It is one of the best looking boot knives available in the market.



To sum up, boot knives come in different shapes and sizes. They are universal and can be used as a self-defense or used for outdoor activities. They usually come with a sheath in which you can attach to your boot, belt or ankle using a strap conveniently. Above five are just some of the best boot knives available on Amazon. They are all reasonable priced and made very sturdy and premium. Any one of them is a great buy. Kobun is the best looking one out of the bunch. HRT Boot Knife and Kershaw are very similar knives that look almost similar and perform almost same. MTech USA Xtreme os the only serrated knife in this list. Lastly, Schrade SCHF19 is recommended by many users and has great reviews.