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The age of satellite and cable TV is ending soon by giving a big share to smart TV boxes which are innovated within recent years. Actually, you can watch TV from internet resources by choosing variety of apps via a smart TV box. You basically make an app-hopping. For efficient performance you will need the best Android TV box 2021 that can deliver only excellent quality.

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Best Android TV Box 2021

Sentab STV-002
Xiaomi MDZ-16-AB
NVIDIA SHIELD TV [Best Android TV Box]
Rockchip RK3328
Himedia Q10 PRO
SkyStream Two
Zidoo X9S

Make sure you choose the right one with price range from $80 to $250. There are many cheap Android TV boxes that look very promising but in the long run they are just unable to handle heavy load of information from internet.

Sentab STV-002

Latest Price

Sentab offers smart TV box with tech specs like hdmi port, bluetooth 4.0, 12GB internal memory, 2GB DDR3 RAM, quad-core processor Rk3288 with 1.8GHz clocking and Mali T764 3D graphics. From theoretical to practical use can deliver easy handling for any one. Social life becomes easier. 

Xiaomi MDZ-16-AB

Latest Price

Looking so stylish and extravagant the Chinese Xiaomi MDZ-16-AB does not lose the hard competition by having quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, hdmi 2.0 ports and remote control. Perfect for streaming HD content directly from internet.


Latest Price

This gaming smart TV box can stream any media plus controlling remote and joystick add significant value for creating true home cinema 4K experience. We know NVIDIA is experienced in gaming field since last decades. So, gaming will bring extra power for solid, reliable and durable smart TV box with modernized features.


Latest Price

One of the most powerful smart TV box with operational system Android 7.1.2, remote control, mini joystick, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 4K resolution support, octa-core processor, hdmi port and Mali-T820MP3 graphics with up to 0.7GHz clocking. For sure, gaming ought to be streamed smoothly and fast.


Latest Price

Truly smart TV box from Wisewo comes with powerful specs and features to enrich home theather, gaming, streaming, sounding and surfing. Having wireless mini keyboard this TV box can be controlled via premium features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 4K resolution, octa-core CPU, Mali-T820MP3 GPU and Android 7.1 operating system. Perfect for everything.

Rockchip RK3328

Latest Price

With disc-alike design this TV box stays away from crowd. Besides that, it is armed with bluetooth, dual band wi-fi channel, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB internal storage, micro SD slot, quad-core processor and 4K resolution. Obviously, this model never gives up to other competitors and its price is pretty much attractive.

Himedia Q10 PRO

Latest Price

The premium model from HiMedia, Q10 Pro comprises features and specs such as Dolby Digital data path, bluetooth, dual band Wi-Fi, hdmi ports, USB ports, LAN, internal expandable SSD slot, touch key, alluminium case, 4-core Cortex A53 CPU, 4-core Mali-720 GPU, 4K resolution and Android 5.1 OS which is not really old. Its price is high but features and specs worth it.


Latest Price

The legendary Minix has something durable to introduce; it is NEO U9-H with specs and features like octa-core processor, 4K HD resolution, HDR support, Dolby Digital Audio for perfect sound delivering, remote control along with QWERTY keyboard, dual band Wi-Fi, ethernet port, hdmi port, usb port, mic and headphone jacks, large covering antenna and Android OS.

SkyStream Two

Latest Price

Expensive but all the premium specs and features are inside. For streaming it uses 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. Supports high rated multiple apps to provide more data in your TV experience. No need to go through its specs, just turn it on and see what awaits you.

Zidoo X9S

Latest Price

Modernized X9S stands out with its double antenna. Besides that, quad core processor, 3-core graphics, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and Android OS make it run productively. Moreover, it includes variety of ports to support different devices. Although, its price barely reaches $150 but specs and features worth for more than $250 US. Perfect for streaming action movies for not missing the exciting parts.

Wrapping Up

Be careful in picking the right Android TV box. First, all of them look the same. However, their performances differ. I strongly recommend to pick the one costing not less than $80 US since it includes premium specs and features.

Buying Guide

The gadgets business is one of the quickest developing enterprises. Therefore, we suggest obtaining more up to date units with the best redesigned parts, or before you know it, your cool new contraption will be old. How about we take a gander at the primary elements you ought to know about while hunting down the correct Android TV Box for you.


The equipment incorporated into an Android TV Box is a vital factor to consider. In the event that you intend to run Kodi, we prescribe having no less than 2GB RAM and a S905 CPU or better. We additionally suggest a hard metal packaging with great Wifi and Ethernet associations. Metal packaging has a tendency to be more tough than plastic and in this manner last more and great quality Wifi and Ethernet associations will help guarantee you benefit as much as possible from your web speed.

Make sure to look at the specs. If the site deals page doesn’t list any of the points of interest beneath, it’s in all likelihood since they don’t need you to know how terrible it is. Make sure you in any event discover the accompanying data:


The most vital of all the equipment is the chipset. The chipset is the motherboard of the gadget. It is a gathering of coordinated circuits (IC) that gives all the intercommunication channels (transports) to play out specific arrangements of undertakings. Android TV Boxes will have SoC chipset equipment. SoC remains for “Framework on a Chip” which contains the CPU in addition to GPU and VPU circuit mixes. On Android stages, this SoC chipset is the thing that would playback be able to normal video codecs easily utilizing Kodi/XBMC. We like the Realtek (RTK 1295) Chipset the best.


Central Processing Unit. The Processor. All the more particularly its handling unit and control unit (CU).


Graphics Processing Unit. GPUs are extremely effective at controlling PC illustrations and picture preparing.


andom Access Memory.


 Storage is typically 8GB to 16GB. This is the ‘nearby stockpiling’ accessible to you. You can utilize this stockpiling to transfer anything you like, much the same as some other home PC.


Look for an Android TV Box with great WiFi and Ethernet Connections. We feel compelled to pressure this as much as possible. Particularly on the off chance that you intend to associate through WiFi. In case you don’t have great WiFI or Ethernet associations on the crate, you will be unable to get a sufficiently solid download speed to your gadget to have a decent ordeal. We sold boxes for quite a long time that were incredible units at the time yet the help calls dependably appeared to be about somebody not having the capacity to get enough squeeze to their container. At that point we updated the WiFI and Ethernet on a more current model and it was a night daily distinction. Bolster calls dropped extensively.

 For WiFi, we prescribe a Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5.85GHz) 5dbi.

 For Ethernet, we prescribe a 10/100M/1000, standard RJ-45.


*Add-ons Manager/Wizard App Updates, or not.

Numerous Android TV Box/Media Streamers available come Fully Loaded, however numerous others don’t. Not very many are Fully Loaded, Fully Setup, and Fully Managed for you. On the off chance that you get an Android TV Box that isn’t completely stacked, setup, and kept up for you, you should do all that work yourself, continually as the business changes. Regardless of how geek you are, this gets old extremely fast. Particularly when you simply need to kick back and watch something great with a date, and now you can’t on account of you need to spend the following 30 mins settling an extra or introducing a vault. You could have made it to third base by at that point, yet rather invested the energy getting disappointed endeavoring to settle your Kodi setup yourself. Consequently, we suggest getting a completely stacked, setup, and oversaw Android TV Box.

 Fully Loaded means it has Android Apps and Kodi Add-ons are stacked on the container as of now, yet should be setup up either physically, or through an Add-ons Manager App, or Wizard App before it can be delighted in. In the event that it has an Add-ons Manager or Wizard, it might take 15mins for you to set it up. On the off chance that it doesn’t have an Add-ons Manager or Wizard, it can take a long time to set it up, and truly, it will be an endless procedure.

 Fully Managed implies the crate has an Add-ons Manager App, or Wizard App. You’ll have a group of experts doing all the specialized work for you out of sight so you can keep on maintaining all your crate with an infrequent snap of a catch. Clients with completely oversaw Android TV Boxes don’t need to trouble themselves with attempting to stay aware of industry changes, store fixes, and add-on refreshes in light of the fact that the administration and advancement group is continually enhancing and refreshing their system servers for every one of their clients to access through OTA System Update App and Add-on Manager/Wizard App.

 Fully Setup implies that somebody has taken a completely stacked box, and introduced the absolute most mainstream Android Apps, and Kodi Add-ons to be highlighted for simple access. They as a rule will likewise set the timezone and climate to your socioeconomics. Fundamentally, completely setup implies they prepare it to fitting and play for you. You’ll should simply associate your web, point and click, and appreciate!


Firmware updates will refresh your whole Android Operating System. Not all Android TV Boxes accompany Free Firmware Updates. Truth be told, numerous Android TV Boxes don’t accompany refreshes by any stretch of the imagination. This is the greatest contrasts between numerous Android TV Boxes. Without programmed firmware refreshes, you’ll be compelled to keep up your unit yourself. Keeping up your own particular Android TV Box can get extremely old extremely snappy; notwithstanding for the most well informed individual. A Fully Managed Android TV Box is what you’re searching for on the off chance that you want Free Firmware Updates.


Most Android TV Boxes will stream in HD, yet in the event that you have a 4K and additionally 3D TV, you’ll presumably need to look for a unit that can stream 4K Resolution, and additionally 3D Graphics. Numerous Android TV Boxes that claim to stream in 4K and 3D, however they don’t specify that you can just stream 4K through an outer record. The Android TV Box chipset must incorporate VP9 codec keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to stream 4K determination straightforwardly from the web of Kodi stage. Hence, we support the Realtek (RTK 1295) chipset for enhanced spilling quality, alternatives, and execution since it has VP9 innovation redid for video resolutions past superior quality video (UHD) and furthermore empowers lossless pressure.

 HD High-Definition

 4K Resolution

 3D Graphics


You need an Android TV Box with Android 5.0 or Higher on the off chance that you need a decent involvement with the Kodi Media Center. Kodi 17, Krypton and all future Kodi System refreshes require Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or Higher. For whatever length of time that you have no less than an Android 5.0, you’re great.

Technical support

Technical support guarantees you have the most ideal experience. Most everybody needs it in the end and it’s smarter to get it before all else, if it’s accessible, rather than sitting tight for a crisis. Support can enable you to beat your expectation to absorb information quicker and instruct you cool things that you don’t know to get some information about. Not all Android TV Boxes have technical support accessible. Numerous will claim to offer help just to make a deal however abandon you hanging in the midst of need. In the event that their site doesn’t pressure that they offer technical support, you can wager every last cent that you will get awful help, best case scenario and no doubt no help by any means.

In the event that they do offer technical support, it’s in all probability only for the Android TV Box, not the Kodi stage. In the event that they offer help for both the Android TV Box and Kodi stage, you have the droid you are searching for. Truly. Expecting they keep great business hours and the other essential elements said in this blog address your issues.


Cost is recorded here on the grounds that I’m certain it might be a factor for some. Everything I can state is this isn’t the sort of thing you need to go shoddy on. In the meantime, you need to be brilliant and spend admirably. This blog entry will assist you with determining which ascribes are most critical to you so you can locate the best Android TV Box for your necessities and spending plan. Some of you need the most elite, however that isn’t generally dictated by cost. I’ve seen Android TV Boxes that offer for $700 to $1000 every that offer less an incentive than some crates that offer for $300 or $400. I likewise know about boxes that offer for $300 or $400, that could without much of a stretch offer for $700 to $1000 each. Let me get straight to the point however, nobody should purchase an Android TV Box for $700 to $1000. I couldn’t care less how great they say it is. $600 is the most anybody ought to ever consider paying for an Android TV Box, and that is just in the event that it has top quality equipment, an implicit switch, a sleeve for a HDD, and is completely stacked, setup, and oversaw w/multi year guarantee and technical support included.

I know Android TV Box produces that rundown their units online for $1000, to make sure they can persuade different affiliates to purchase in mass for MUCH less, giving the affiliate in the city a chance to make a more saw an incentive to new potential clients. Numerous clients are probably going to seize the chance to pay $300 or $400 for a container from some arbitrary person off the road on the off chance that they think it regularly offers for $1000 on the web. This sort of advertising gives the business an awful name and we caution you about it with the goal that you can be more astute to such strategies.


Like most hardware, your Android TV Box will in all likelihood be made in China, paying little heed to where the organization might be based out of. In case you’re in the U.S., for instance, we prescribe managing just with U.S. Android TV Box organizations on the off chance that you need a completely oversaw Android TV Box. American Companies build up their units for the U.S. market and you can take full favorable position of guarantees and bolster when accessible.


Guarantees are additionally a critical factor to consider. Remember however that a guarantee itself isn’t extremely important except if you have technical support to back it

Fire TV or Android Box?

Fire TV or Android Box? I have gotten this inquiry on the web a few times from the individuals who presently utilize a Fire TV or Stick yet are interested around an Android TV Box.

The Android TV Box industry has exploded and their are many alternatives when looking for one of these spilling gadgets. A large number of these gadgets are equipped for playing 4K video and convey a little sticker price of under $50. This is a moderate stimulation focus once Kodi and the greater part of the best addons are introduced. Easy to cut the link or dish string with a setup like this.

When asking yourself whether you need to utilize a Fire TV or Android Box, you first need to perceive how every gadget functions.

I am expecting that the lion’s share of individuals who are going trough this article are as of now utilizing the Fire TV or Stick.

While I was evaluating the new GoStreamer G5+ Box, I imagined that I would assemble a video that would demonstrate precisely how these Android Boxes function and the pluses and minuses that accompany them also.

I am of the conviction that in the event that you invest the vast majority of your energy inside Kodi Media Center, the Android Boxes are an incredible alternative because of the low value focuses and intense frameworks. In any case, because of the awkward UI and poor remotes, if the individual isn’t utilizing Kodi, I would propose staying with the Fire TV or Stick.

Fore those of you who officially possess an Android Box, if it’s not too much trouble post in the remark segment beneath what you like most about Android Boxes and what you loathe most about them. This will enable our visitors to settle on the Fire TV or Android Box.

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