Best Backpack Meals in 2018 for Adventure Lovers

Best Backpack Meals in 2018 for Adventure Lovers

Being hungry after a long journey  and seeing prepared meals in front is such a joyful moment for ones who have least physical action jobs. For that situation, right foods are essentially needed to stay active. According to long experienced backpackers’ recommendations we have chosen several meals to bring a full satisfaction from your backpacking trips. They are as follow:

Meal NamePackageContainsPrice
Stir Fry Beef and Broccoli14 servingsA flavorful mix of beef, broccoli, carrots and rice in a garlic soy sauce
Beef Stroganoff with Noodles2.5 cup servingsTender beef, noodles, and mushrooms smothered in a rich sour cream sauce.
Chicken Teriyaki with Rice2 servings dices of real chicken, tender bamboo shoots, and rice with a sweet and tangy sauce
Essential Bucket32 servingsPackage may vary
Large Serving Package Buckets360 servingsPackage may vary

#1 Stir Fry Beef and Broccoli
Made of natural ingredients, such as rice, carrot, soybean, onion, wheat, meat and other beneficial organic elements to make you energized. Luckily, it is really easy to prepare; just add a boiling water and in minutes it is cooked.  Adventure lovers over the world enjoy this meal on daily basis. For 25 years it can be kept in cool and dry place, and it is packed with nutrition. However, once opened it must be consumed shortly within couple of hours.

#2 Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

Fantastically affordable, easy to make and taste is so “finger licking good”. Also made of natural ingredients and have nutrition packed with. Trustfully, it can be kept for 25 years. Doesn’t look so appetizing but very delicious. I suggest; do not try it at home, eat it after a long journey of adventure because you will not get a real joy.

#3 Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

Chicken Teriyaki has to be prepared properly. Pineapple, bamboo shoots and real chicken with teriyaki gravy is needed. If you want the quickest way of preparation, just add water into pack. In 10 minutes hot and tasty meal is ready. It looks so nice before and after pouring water. Both look and taste are really good. During cold weather trying this food is strongly recommended.


#4 Essential Bucket

This bucket can feed one person for 3.5 days having 12 meals. For long trips, its assortments were especially made for feeding a large audience. For better delicious experience this bucket has a greater value over other individual packed meals. If your group has more than three people it is highly recommended to take this bucket of different twelve meals. Rice and chicken are prepared so nicely among other meals. Overall, you should go with this products as it can make you full.

#5 Large Serving Package Buckets

With 360 serving package these heavy but most appetizing buckets can make a lot of adventurers’ hunger go away. However, large volume of water is required. For camping they are very much adviced for large size and weight. Each bucket weights 62 pounds and can feed up to 120 people. For unplanned and urgent meetings, this buckets are much convenient and preparation can take up to 10 minutes for each serving.

Backpacking, hiking, camping and climbing need meals anyway. So, being protected by above meals from hunger is inevitable. Backpacking is one of the best hobbies ever invented throughout history of mankind. Probably chaos of city life made people go far to nature and experience the best meals after joyful release of stress made by city life

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