How Speedy is AMD Ryzen Second Generation

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How Speedy is AMD Ryzen Second Generation? We are going to be talking about the first Geek bench score which has been posted online for Ryzen v2600 which is expected to launch in April as part of the 12 nanometers n+ architecture from AMD so as I said we’ve got a leaked Geekbench score which are a lot of people are excited about because it has about a ten to fifteen percent boost over the previous generation horizon 1600 depending on how you read into that so we’re going to kind of analyze the information that we have and go from there. Of course, always discuss it down in the comments below so we’re going to start off over on WCCFTECH this is where I first saw the story go up.

Before we go look at that Geekbench score let’s just scroll down to the Ryzen 2600 specs so we can kind of just get a quick little update on what we’re looking at here. So obviously as I said before this is on 12 nanometers n+ going from 14 nanometer on the previous generations we’re still getting six cores and twelve threads really the big change here is that they are having a higher base clock in boost clock which is probably why we are seeing as much gains as we are in the performance here so looking at the base on the previous generation was 3.2 now it’s 3.4. On the boost clock it went from 3.6 up to 3.8 so we have a 200 megahertz boost on the base clock as well as the boost clock which is definitely going to affect these scores if they were tested at base clock. So here we are now on geek bench where we can see the single core score for the Ryzen 2600 got 40 to 69 and on multi-core score it got 20,102 comparing that with Ryzen 5 1600 we would expect to see a single core score of around thirty eight ninety six and a multi-core score of around 17 433 so definitely a nice bump up from that like I said about 10 to 15 percent performance improvement over the previous generation but we also have to anticipate that they are using the boost clock here in the way that the boost the boost works on Ryzen + I should say versus the original it actually boosts on all cores versus just having it on two cores like the head did with the first lineup of Verizon five CPUs. So it’s definitely getting it would be getting a better boost off across all cores. If in fact they were using boost which I am inclined to believe they are using boost at this point in testing. Because they are moving into retail sampling probably over the next month or so and this right here is a qualification sample not an engineering sample. So very likely we’re not going to see too much performance of up-lift between these numbers. When Ryzen 2600 actually launches in April.

Now how do we know that this is a qualification sample and not an engineering sample? Well if we come down to the code name. Here we can see AMD Ryzen ZD 2600. So 2600 here denoting that this is the 2600 CPU you could see over on the right here at the base clock and boost clock of 34 is the base 38 as the boost and the real thing we want to focus on here is the Z D so the D here would denote desktop part and the Z is actually what tells us it’s a qualification sample so if we bring up this little convenient graph here that I was able to find searching around earlier this morning we could see ZD right here. Z would be a qualification sample whereas if it was an engineering sample if it was engineering sample zero it would be a 1 if it was engineering sample 1 it would be a 2 there but we have a Z so that tells us this is a qualification sample and then if it was actual retail version it would be a letter Y here and as I said the D means that it is a desktop part. That’s how we know this is an actual qualification sample which is really the last step before they start actually putting out the retail versions of these CPUs. So really what we can take away from this is that it’s got the higher boost and everything but the IPC gains are probably not as big as some people are wanting to believe it’s not probably going to be 10 to 15% on IPC I think we will see again there of probably around 3 to 5% because when you know overclocked rides in 1600 if you were to overclock it to 3.8 gigahertz on all cores you’re getting pretty close to these numbers right here. So it’s not that big of a gain actually in terms of IPC we’re likely going to see improvements in things like latency and also just really the clock speeds in general which is still good thing though. If on 12 nanometer+ we can overclock these a little bit more and get them up to around 4.2 to 4.3 gigahertz regularly. That’s going to be awesome. Those are going to be really good things for gamers that are wanting to get more performance out of the Ryzen architecture. Maybe a little bit higher in GPU so they’re not getting a bottlenecked at the frequency point and being able to actually push out more frames like a higher end GPU would want to do and typically would have to go with a faster Intel CPU to do that.

But for the mid-range you know Ryzen 1600 was perfectly fine but getting another to 300 megahertz or even 500 megahertz with overclocking I think would be absolutely amazing so that’s really great to see. Although, we’ll just have to wait and see when these actually launch in April for how big the IPC gains will be but I just wanted to put this out there to kind of, you know, go through this, analyze it and so you guys can know what to look for. As to whether or not this is actually going to be a boosted sample or a non-boosted sample because that’s really the big question right now. As It was on boost as I said I’m tending to believe it is because it’s a qualification sample. Although I’d love to be proven wrong because if I am wrong then we would be seeing a very significant boost in performance over the previous generation. If boost is not enabled but at this stage of the game I think that it likely is if you disagree or agree let me know down in the comments below. Especially if you are looking forward to Ryzen V2600 coming out in April but I’m going to go ahead and get on out of here guys.

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CEO and Editor. Bringing news to public is his major hobby. He is always hungry for delivering unique and authentic news to readers. Being an editor of the Best Reviewed Items makes him so happy and enthusiastic to provide more and more news for readers.