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This tower PC has been recognized by over 190 Amazon customers as the best gaming computer under 500 dollars. Got a CPU i5 dual core 3.2 GHz first generation Core processor with 4 threaded capacity, DVD-RW optical drive, motherboard beefed up with Intel Q57 express chipset which is long lasting chipset, integrated Intel HD Graphics that gives you graphics power for HD playback and smooth transition between images unfortunately not for hardcore gaming purpose, 1TB SATA Hard Drive gives you opportunity to upgrade into SSD (Solid State Drive) for more READ/Write performance, 8GB DDR3 memory which is very recommended by Game Developers to maintain stutter-free or flicker-free performance and Operating System Windows 10 Professional is the latest of its kind OS that offers DX12 environment where your processor does job on all cores and threads for balancing the gaming processes between Graphic Card and CPU. The most surprising is its price is $215. Very insane offer, but I recommend you to buy this PC as it is, and upgrade to new graphic card, bear with me in upgrades chapter.


HP 8100 Elite series desktop luckily includes PCI-Express expansion slot for low profile Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Simple instruction: Buy one of the following GPUs with Low Profile Design, open the case and put the GPU into PCE-Express slot. Here, I recommend best current GPUs in the market to strengthen your PC:

  1. Nvidia GT 1030 2GB, cheapest GPU below $70 in offering, has the capacity to outperform Intel Integrated HD Graphics in any Game Titles, this GPU eats less power from your socket and online games like Overwatch, DOTA 2, League of Legends, World of Tanks, CS:GO and Team Fortress run above 30fps (Frames per Second), making the games look smooth and playable.
  2. AMD Radeon RX550 below $80 in market, much faster in DX 12 and Vulkan API Games, if you Play DOTA 2 all day long then this card is for you which can hit above 45fps because DOTA 2 is vulkan API game where your CPU and GPU communicates on all potential.
  3. Nvidia GTX 750Ti 2GB, you may find below $99 on all online retailers, I can say it’s All Time Best efficient GPU in nvidia’s history, Games similar to GTA 5 might run faster than previously mentioned cards on High Settings with MXAA x4 above 35fps. HP 8100 Desktop has 230-280W power that can utilize low profile GPUs, but wait, this card is amazing for its price and performance as well as in terms of efficiency.

Concluding remarks

Healthy advice for your long running PC: DO FAN CLEANING AND APPLY THERMAL PASTE every 2 years. Make sure you purchase low profile design of any GPU that you selected, update the drivers frequently and put your PC in ventilated space of your room. In a nutshell, you spending around $300 to $315 on tight budget, it is really dream PC for yourself if you consider not to buy console that require game purchases higher than $50, follow my upgrades recommendation and you will be proud of yourself on gaining little IT knowledge.


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