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Having the best center channel speaker in 2018 can greatly enhance ones music listening or movie experience. There are many types of center speakers available on Amazon. Depending on the usage, size of the room or budget, there are plenty to choose from. In this list we have chosen seven of the best central speakers available on Amazon. We have created seven categories of speakers and have chosen one speaker for each category.

Best Center Channel Speaker in 2018 – Top 7 Most Recognized

Best-selling speaker: Klipsch RP-250C

Priced $295.00 this speaker does not seems to be the cheapest, but at Amazon it is one of the best-selling models with the rating of five stars. Made by Klipsch, which is well known for making good quality and high performance audio systems. Klipsch product are always popular among many users who are looking great quality audio at a reasonable price. It comes with a pair of two 5.25-inch cerametallic woofers and one-inch titanium tweeter. Together they make one of the best sounds in the industry. The sound is clear and the bass is powerful without any distortions in the sound. There is also a support for Dolby Atmos sound, which is great for creating home theater system with immersive sound. There sound quality is well worth the price and Klipsch has produced yet another great product. The speaker is 18.5 x 9.96 x 6.81 inches in size and made from premium wood-grain polymer veneer. Black color exterior and compact size helps the speaker to easily blend in into any environment. This speakers are great in both visuals and audio quality and that is why it is one of the best-selling speakers on the market. If you have the money for it, it is well worth the money they are asking for it.

Best value for money speaker: Polk Audio CS10

If you are looking for a good central speakers, but do not have a lot of budget to spend on such a speaker, then this model is for you. The Polk Audio CS10 is an excellent speaker with a price tag of just $99.95. For such a price you will be amazed on the sound quality that it produces. With two powerful woofers and a tweeter, this unit produces 125 watts and 8 ohms sound. The sound produced by the speaker is powerful, clear with powerful bass and free from distortions. This speakers are very well suited for listening music due to the range that it supports. With a rating of 5 stars this speaker is second best-selling speaker after Klipsch RP-250C at a fraction of its cost. This speakers are good for watching videos and great for listening to the music. This speakers can be a perfect speakers for the people who are looking for something cheaper and with good value. This speakers are great for creating a budget home theatre system or using it to listen to the songs. Many people who do not want to buy premium models or not sure if they need this type of speaker will be greatly pleased with the overall value that this product produces. Overall, this unit is good for home theater setup, but it lacks the extra functions and features that Klipsch speakers can provide.

Best Sound: JBL Arena 125C

The JBL Arena 125C is another great central speaker. JBL is another company that is famous for making great quality audio devices and speakers. This speaker comes with one 25mm soft dome tweeter and dual 140mm polycellulose woofers. Due to those the unit produces clean and powerful sound which is suitable for movies, music and console gaming. The speaker has high-definition imaging (HDI) for wave guiding technology for excellent detailed sound across a room. The unit is perfect for heavy bass sounds that are available in music and action movies. The sound created by the unit is powerful and realistic that will create a most immersive experience. Despite being much cheaper than our best-selling speaker, JBL Arena can create a sound which is almost near in quality or even better than Klipsch. It has a rating of 4.5 stars and provides one of the best sound for its class.  The unit measures 24.49 x 10.39 x 6.26 inches which is small enough to fit to most environments. The unit also has a great design, which look very premium and beautiful. All the drivers are black, unlike many other speakers on this list. This speakers can easily fit into any environment or blend in with any other speakers with ease.

Best premium speaker: MartinLogan Motion 30

If you just want the best and do not care about the price of such speakers, then MartinLogan Motion 30 might be the best choice for you. It is one of the most expensive speakers available in the market. Priced $568.99 this unit is made by highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies available in the market. It has two normal woofers. However it features what they call Folded Motion Tweeter, which produces very high quality clean sound. This unit is made with a large areas it mind. It has a power of 200 watts and its response is between 65 to 25,000Hz. Due to the technologies used this unit provides perfect sound that cannot be reproduced by a cheaper components. In terms of power and audio quality, this speaker is way above other speakers in this list. The sound is powerful, audio quality is amazing and the support for many audio technologies make this as one of the most immersive speakers to use in home theater setup. The unit has solid 5 stars for its reviews. The unit measures 16.5 x 10.5 x 6.9 inches which is a bit bigger than other speakers. It can be used in large areas and large home theater setups or even in a studio.

Best budget friendly option: Micca MB42-C

For many years the word budget was synonymous with low quality and bad experience. That is why finding the good speaker at a budget friendly price level was very difficult. However, Micca MB42-C is one of those speakers that really stands out in this segment. Priced just $50 at the time of writing this review the speaker consists of two four inch woofers, which create a clear and powerful sound. Small tweeter located between two woofers, creates smooth treble. The combination of those three create great sound quality with powerful bass. With performance of up to 100 watts and four ohms this is a great budget product. It easily outperforms any other budget speaker in terms of sound quality or power. However, being a budget friendly device some compromises were made. The audio quality is good, but it is nowhere near the quality of Polk Audio or Klipsch. This does not mean that this model is bad. It costs much cheaper than any other speakers in this list. In terms of design, this speaker looks same as many other speakers. However, it is not made from high quality material such as wood or metal, but instead uses plastic. In terms of size it is more to smaller size 5.3 x 15 x 7.1 inches. For its price this speakers are really good value.

Most compact speaker: Yamaha NS-C210BL

If you are looking most compact and best looking speakers, then Yamaha speakers are the ones for you. Measuring just 5 x 13 x 4 inches, the Yamaha NS-C210BL is capable to fit to any bookshelf or TV stand. This is the most compact speakers in this list. Despite its size it still support two woofers and a tweeter. This speaker is considerably slim due to usage of aluminum. This kind of speaker fits well with the flat screen TVs. With power of 120 watts and 6 ohms, this speaker is both powerful and produces clean and crisp sound. It can be paired with high- definition audio sources such as Blu-Ray players for the best quality audio. It might be small and compact, but this speaker will not disappoint you in terms of audio quality or power. This speakers are meant to be used in a small cramped spaces, where many other speakers cannot fit. This speakers also look very well and can easily blend in into any environment or combined with many other speakers. They are also very easy to hide due to compact size. Slim and well made by using aluminum, this unit is slick and one of the best looking center speakers out there. This speakers look and feel very premium and totally worth the price that they cost. At amazon it has a rating of 4.5 stars and many positive reviews from the users who are happy with this product. .

Unique design: Pioneer SP-C22

Another great speaker is Pioneer SP-C22. Designed by Andrew Jones, this central channel speaker produces a good quality sound. Measuring 18.12 x 8.45 x 7.12 inches, the SP-C22 is designed to look both modern and conventional. It has two four-inch surface woofers, one-inch high-efficiency soft dome tweeter and six element crossovers. Crossover helps to make audio better by combining woofer and tweeter audio outputs together. Together they generate 90 watts of power.  The audio output is good quality and it can generate better higher frequency sound. Overall, the sound quality of this speaker is at good level. The design of this speaker is rounded on the sides, making it look beautiful and modern. Most of the other speakers feature box design with rectangular shape. This speaker looks different and more to oval shape than a rectangle. In terms of audio it is not so impressive, but it covers up for it with unique design that will make the audio system to stand out. This speaker is recommended for those who want to display their speakers and want something that looks unique.

Wrapping Up

Some people will go for a ready set of home theater speakers. However, there are ones that will buy speakers separately to create the best sound possible. When buying separate speakers it is possible to buy in stages. This makes it easy to create a good premium speaker setup, where a person does not have to spend a fortune to buy them at once, but can buy them over a time and still have good audio quality. Furthermore, buying separate speakers can help to combine the best speakers that the user prefers with the audio quality that is best suitable for the user’s tastes. There are many types of speakers that are used in created a surround sound home theater setups. Central speakers are essential in home theater setups. Those types of speakers are needed for creating a surround sound. Having a good home theater system will require having good center channel speakers. Central speakers are also used in creating an audio surround sound system for listening to the music. Whether it is a digital recording or using a vinyl recording, central speakers will help to create quality high frequency sound.

There are some great central speakers available on Amazon. There are dozens of them there and it makes it difficult for many people to choose the ones that they are looking for. In this list we tried to create a list of some great central speakers, that are most outstanding and good ones compared to the other speakers available on Amazon. We have selected them based on their performance, sound quality, features and design. Based on all of those elements we have divide our speakers into seven categories. For those who are looking for the beat value for their money will be happy with Polk Audio CS10. For those who are looking for the best-selling speakers or the ones that are favored by the buyers, then Klipsch RP-250C is a great choice. Those who want best quality sound for the money JBL Arena 125C will be great choice. Those who want the best of the best regardless of the price, then MartinLogan Motion 30 are the speakers for you. Budget minded buyers will be happy with Micca MB42-C, which is the cheapest in this list. Those who are looking for speakers that looks good and sound good, then Yamaha NS-C210BL and Pioneer SP-C22 are two great speakers.

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